Beautiful Things

This week seemed to be full of beautiful things.  Either surprises from friends or little parcels in the mail.  It was one of those weeks where everything seemed to come at once.

I was thrilled to find that the person who bought my festival blanket was a fellow colour-lover and fantastic company as well.  We spent a lovely morning chatting about crafts, flowers and crochet over a cup of tea.  Hilary (of Eliza James Flowers) had the perfect place in mind for the blanket and kindly sent me some pictures of it already looking quite at home in this beautiful country bedroom.

festival blanket in situ

… looks like the idea place for a cup of tea and a curl-up with a book …

Hilary also surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her signature relaxed and carefree style.  Bursting with colour and scent from the various herbs and flowers, I proudly carried it home where it is now sitting in the kitchen for all to see!

Eliza James Flowers 1

Eliza James Flowers 2

…. breathtakingly beautiful …

All of these events were certainly making my week a great one when something else exciting dropped through the mailbox.

custom stamp

… great product wrapping from Creatiate

Now if you go crazy for stationery like me, this shop will have you in fits and whoops of joy.  I found it after a lengthy search for a custom stamp for The Dorset Finca.  My plan was to stamp away merrily on the backs of envelopes, packaging and anything else I could get my hands on.  It seemed like a much more eco-friendly solution than buying branded stickers all the time.  Although saying that, I love stickers badly too. 

When I found Creatiate’s shop, I knew they were the ones to sort me out, mainly because it took me about four days to choose which design I liked – there were too many delicious ones.  Furthermore, once I had chosen, I already had my eye on another purchase! Yes, my whimsy-self was in true form this week!

The Dorset Finca Stamp

… ahhhh, perfect …

This bad boy was made, wrapped, shipped and delivered within 1-2 weeks. From America.

Me = one very happy customer!

To keep up-to-date with these two creative dreams you can check them out here:

Hilary at Eliza James Flowers; click here for the website, here for the Facebook Page and here for Instagram.

Sarah at Creatiate; click here for the website, here for the Facebook Page and here for Instagram.

 Speak soon x


Pressed Flower Envelope Seals

You like the cards more than the presents?” I was often asked incredulously on my birthday when I was younger.

It’s the truth. There can be so much thoughtfulness behind a well-chosen card, a smartly-written envelope or a unique message. Cards can be displayed and used for years afterwards and then kept in a special place as a reminder of a great occasion.

With this in mind, I decided to write a few posts showcasing some fun ideas for prettying up envelopes and cards.  Sometimes you don’t always know someone well enough to buy a present for them, but would like to give them something. I think a card with a little extra touch, would show that you have given them a special thought and not just picked a card out of the emergency card drawer/box/shelf!

pressed flowers

Let’s start with the envelope. I like envelopes in unusual colours, like the ones that come with the beautiful cards from *Artist Not Included’s range.  Some people aren’t a fan of sticking the envelope down completely but fold it inwards instead. I’ve debated this for a while (I have, honestly) and I’ve come to the conclusion that it feels a bit unfinished. When I get a card like that, it somehow portrays an expectation of being able to re-use the envelope again.  Unless I plan on sending post to myself, with my name on the front, or am going to stick something over the top, it’s not going to work. If someone is getting a card from me, they’re going to get their own sealed envelope, ready to be opened just once. They can have that joy.

Ooh… that turned into a bit of a rant – who knew I was so passionate about that little gem?! Anyway, onwards…

pressed wild flower envelope seal

This time of year is perfect for collecting wild flowers and plants from the garden.  Leaves and stems are mostly dry and can be pressed quickly.  The flower press of my childhood is long packed away into the attic, so I made do with a piece of kitchen towel in-between two heavy books.  My chosen flowers were flattened suitably within a day, but would ideally need another couple of days, in the warm, to dry out completely.

The best flowers to choose are those that aren’t too juicy. The less succulent they are, the quicker and more successful they are to press. You could try: daisies, hydrangea, geraniums, campion, buttercups, lavender, forget-me-not.

My idea was to use a pressed flower as a wax seal alternative. A little surprise for when the envelope was turned over. I used the tiniest bit of glue to fix the flower onto the paper, while handling the petals carefully to avoid bruising.

hyrdangea envelope seal

If these envelopes were going to be subjected to large amounts of handling or postal travel, I would cover them with sticky back plastic, or even a neatly cut piece of sellotape if I was desperate!

Don’t they look cute?!

I can’t wait to give them out!  Have a great day x

DIY Business Cards

{celebratory business cards}

Yippee that the blog is now!

To celebrate this I thought some business cards were needed, as I spend a lot of time writing down the web and email address for people.

This way I can give out handy little cards that look amazing.

For inspiration, I used a tutorial from the Oh Hello Friend blog, here… 

…(Danni uses a fab wrap-around text design).

As an extra bit of loveliness… I have designed a little image for a rubber stamp, which when it arrives, I can stamp onto the blank, back section of the card.

It will the the icing on the cake!

Get Creative with Your Life

{a little creation}

Oh goodness I discovered a life-changing iPad APP yesterday.

Life-changing I tell you!

It’s called Noteshelf.

You can draw, write, type and do all sorts of other things on your iPad.  It is so incredible, I want to weep – just a little bit.

You don’t even need any fancy extra kit… doodling with your finger is just fine!


Courtesy of the Heart Handmade UK blog, here, I discovered lots of different planners (blog planners, journals, notepads, menus etc.) that can be downloaded and placed into the above App to be used like this:

{an example of my planner I have on my iPad – and no, I don’t actually go swimming on Wednesdays.  It’s far too cold…}

If you are still yet to discover the wonders of the iPad, these planners can be downloaded and printed too – so it’s joy all round.

See… organisation is magnificent isn’t it?!

{do you love the new signature? It’s a work in progress.}

Seed Organisation

{seed packets in a little box}

I love organisation.  L-O-V-E it!  So when I was advised to re-organise my seed packets, I jumped straight to it.  Luckily, there was the perfect wooden box left over from Christmas treats.  Now all my seeds are in date order {planting date} and look fab too.

{wage packets}

I use wage packets to store seeds that I have collected from last year’s plants.

They have a brown-parcel-paper chic to them – don’t they?

Does anyone else have any top tips for seed or greenhouse organisation? Go on…share! x