Beautiful Things

This week seemed to be full of beautiful things.  Either surprises from friends or little parcels in the mail.  It was one of those weeks where everything seemed to come at once. I was thrilled to find that the person who bought my festival blanket was a fellow colour-lover and fantastic company as well.  We spent... Continue Reading →


Pressed Flower Envelope Seals

"You like the cards more than the presents?" I was often asked incredulously on my birthday when I was younger. It's the truth. There can be so much thoughtfulness behind a well-chosen card, a smartly-written envelope or a unique message. Cards can be displayed and used for years afterwards and then kept in a special place as... Continue Reading →

DIY Business Cards

{celebratory business cards} Yippee that the blog is now! To celebrate this I thought some business cards were needed, as I spend a lot of time writing down the web and email address for people. This way I can give out handy little cards that look amazing. For inspiration, I used a tutorial from the... Continue Reading →

Get Creative with Your Life

{a little creation} Oh goodness I discovered a life-changing iPad APP yesterday. Life-changing I tell you! It's called Noteshelf. You can draw, write, type and do all sorts of other things on your iPad.  It is so incredible, I want to weep - just a little bit. You don't even need any fancy extra kit... doodling with... Continue Reading →

Seed Organisation

{seed packets in a little box} I love organisation.  L-O-V-E it!  So when I was advised to re-organise my seed packets, I jumped straight to it.  Luckily, there was the perfect wooden box left over from Christmas treats.  Now all my seeds are in date order {planting date} and look fab too. {wage packets} I... Continue Reading →

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