Adaptable Advertising For Your Blog Or Business

business cards


Just a quickie today… but have a lovely bit of craftiness for you next week.

I love stationery. I mean it makes me go all silly and ridiculous.

However, I like things to be adaptable and flexible so that they can be used in a variety of ways.

My new mini-business cards (half the size of a regular card) are completely PERFECT…

…and after designing the image to go on the front, they were all made up for me and arrived within three days.

The best thing about them is that they can be hole-punched to become promotional tags, given out to important business contacts (like my mum) and tucked into packaging to give that extra business-y feel.

You loving them so far?

There are lots of places online that you can go to… these ones were made by


DIY Business Cards

{celebratory business cards}

Yippee that the blog is now!

To celebrate this I thought some business cards were needed, as I spend a lot of time writing down the web and email address for people.

This way I can give out handy little cards that look amazing.

For inspiration, I used a tutorial from the Oh Hello Friend blog, here… 

…(Danni uses a fab wrap-around text design).

As an extra bit of loveliness… I have designed a little image for a rubber stamp, which when it arrives, I can stamp onto the blank, back section of the card.

It will the the icing on the cake!