Jewellery Inspired By Nature

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent quite a lot of time this week, deliberating whether or not to go out into the garden. The sun has been shining (hurray!) but it has been incredibly cold.  Any attempts to enjoy a cup of tea in the outdoors have sent me scuttling pretty quickly into the warmth of the kitchen and the view out of the window instead.

There’s something about the sun shining that has me reaching for the seed packets, houseplants or anything else that links me to nature. So lucky then, that the lovely designers at R.A. Fourt Jewelry Co. sent me the most beautiful earrings to have a look at.

All inspired by nature and the outdoors!

rafourt drop earrings

These particular earrings are made from maple, walnut, ebony and mahogany wood before being adorned with small pieces of tumbled coral. Aren’t they amazing? I am IN LOVE!  I adore how the different sections of wood come together to create a striking pattern.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the R.A.Fourt team use their surroundings to inspire their minimalistic jewellery range. You can take a peek at their other beautiful items on their Etsy shop, here.

rafourt stud earrings

The studs in the picture above, are made from walnut, mahogany and my absolute favourite – Zebrawood!  They are so light and comfortable to wear and I get many admiring comments whenever I have them on.

Reece (the R. in R.A.Fourt!) spends much of his time, while not designing beautiful jewellery, making and repairing guitars so he’s pretty knowledgeable about working with natural materials and clearly has a real eye for striking design.

If you have time, I really recommend checking out the R.A.Fourt Facebook page, here.  There are some beautiful slide shows of their jewellery, but be prepared to do some mega swooning!

Let me know your favourites! x


This post was sponsored by R.A.Fourt Jewelry (they were kind enough to send me the beautiful earrings above).


The New Year Bracelet Race

Hello and happy holidays! I have just published this post over on the Wild Home blog and thought that you might like to read it here too…

I thought that I would share with you a little challenge that the Wild Home team are going to take part in at the start of the New Year. It’s called ‘The New Year Bracelet Race’.

It’s a great way to bring a bit of fun to those darker and colder January days and is brilliant for connecting groups of friends and family, especially if they are spread around the globe.

… photo by Christian Mackie …

To start off with, you need to give a friendship bracelet to everyone who is taking part. These can be ones that you have made from embroidery thread, little bits of string with a shell strung on it or some of our Cheka or Gecko bracelets. Ideally, you want them to be soft so that they are comfortable to wear.

As this type of jewellery is so light, it can easily and affordably be sent to friends and family in different countries.

Wild home gecko bracelet

 … Wild Home Gecko Bracelet …

As you give out your bracelets, a start date for the challenge needs to be agreed upon. Ours is going to be on 1st January (to make it a New Year’s race) but you can choose any date you like.

On the specified date, everyone puts on their bracelet. It’s a nice opportunity to take a photo of your newly worn bracelet and share these with your group.

The main idea of the challenge is that the bracelets stay on for as long as possible (this can be months and months) and the winner of the race is the person whose bracelet has stayed on the longest.

Cheka Bracelet

… Wild Home Cheka Bracelet …

As you catch up with the members of your group throughout the challenge, you can compare your bracelets and make predictions as to who might win. The stories surrounding the moments when each person’s bracelet comes off are great for sharing. We had an experience one year, where a team member’s friendship bracelet started to unravel itself slowly over many months until it was just a single thread in width. It held on, in that state, for what seemed like ages and was given a loud cheer when it finally fell off, well worn and loved!

We will be sharing our progress on Instagram using the hashtag #WHbraceletrace – please feel free to join in and share your pictures (remember to tag them).