The Great Greys – It’s Time To Choose A New Paint

Why is it that when the sun comes out, I get a desire to paint? It's possibly because all of the beautiful light shows up colours for what they really are, and if you saw my Instagram post yesterday, you will have noticed that I had got to the point where the magnolia in the guest... Continue Reading →


My Make Updates

Hello to you! I hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend and are looking forward to a leisurely Bank Holiday. I was determined to use this time to get my bag finished (I talked about beginning this project in this post) and as I'm am still learning to sew properly, I was prepared that... Continue Reading →

Making Way For A New Creative Obsession

Hello my lovely friends! How are you? I hope you've been able to spend time outside in the recent beautiful sunshine. I had a wonderful plan of getting some crochet and crafty bits done outside with a pot of tea, but unfortunately there was a bit of a wind and my yarn, needles and everything else kept... Continue Reading →

Summer Inspiration | Pen Pals

Summer is the time when I tend to be at my most whimsical. Sudden fads take hold of me and I focus lots of time, energy and excitement on my latest project. Sometimes a whim can last for the summer and some can be a real surprise and stay with me forever. This year, it's the summer... Continue Reading →

DIY 'SMILE' Doormat

On Sunday, I was perusing Pinterest over a cup of tea and some marmite on toast when I saw a beautiful picture of the word 'smile' that had been painted onto a concrete pavement. Yes it was probably graffiti... but what a way to lift someone's day?! If I had stumbled upon this little message... Continue Reading →

Hostess Gift | DIY Herb Posy

Have you got lots of barbecues or summer parties on the horizon? Are you struggling to think of something to take for your hostess - apart from the usual bottle of wine? This DIY herb posy is a quick, low-cost but most of all an incredibly thoughtful gift to present when you arrive. All tied up and... Continue Reading →

Fabric Dog Crate Cover DIY

The final countdown has begun. The Hound of the Finca will soon be upon us and it's time to make things cosy.  We've decided to go with a crate option for his initial bed, mainly as a retreat away from the cat if he decides to get a little too friendly. Hmm. We've put in some... Continue Reading →

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