Where’s The Party At?

The Finca is overflowing with busy-ness (and business)! I haven't forgotten about you, I promise. I still post regularly but at the moment it's all happening over on Instagram and Facebook. Please come and join the fun: The Dorset Finca Instagram                         The Dorset... Continue Reading →


Autumn Inspired Decorating

Although it felt as if Autumn was holding out on us for a while in September, there is no doubt that we are now starting to experience orange falling leaves, colder winds and the desperate need to drink more hot chocolate. I adore this time of year as it's generally mild enough to spend lots of... Continue Reading →

Sparing A Square For KnitAid

If you have been following my feeds on Facebook and Instagram you may have noticed that I recently finished an incredibly colourful, crochet blanket.  It took quite a while to make and many, many granny squares were crocheted and joined together.  I absolutely loved each part of its creation and the finished product was just as... Continue Reading →

Pasteque and Crochet Hooks

Hello my friend. It's been a while - sorry. It's been rather an intense few weeks with lots of Finca jobs to do. Despite my efforts, annoyingly many are still languishing on my to-do list. With the lovely long, warm (mostly) summer days, the time has passed in a sort of blurry breeze. There has... Continue Reading →

May’s Greats

Thinking back to the beginning of the month, I remember wishing for a bit of sunny, warm weather.  We spend a lot of time outside and I was getting desperate to finally hang up my waterproofs and be able to go out without a coat. Well although we are set for a bit of rain this week,... Continue Reading →

Dorset To A Tea

I was really honoured this week to be featured in Dorset Tea's DORSET TO A TEA series, which  provides a glimpse into the lives (and work) of Dorset's inhabitants. After sending me a delicious variety of tea to try (I'll tell you my favourites in a minute), I was asked to answer questions such as: What... Continue Reading →

April Updates

...and take a breath! Things have been mega busy at the Finca recently with some decorating, planting and of course masses of crochet.  In between all of the franticness, we have been making extra efforts to take ourselves outside, forget the job lists and spend a few hours going on a long walk through the... Continue Reading →

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