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The Finca is overflowing with busy-ness (and business)! I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise. I still post regularly but at the moment it’s all happening over on Instagram and Facebook.

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crochet collage


wreath layout

squares and ferns


Autumn Inspired Decorating

Although it felt as if Autumn was holding out on us for a while in September, there is no doubt that we are now starting to experience orange falling leaves, colder winds and the desperate need to drink more hot chocolate.

I adore this time of year as it’s generally mild enough to spend lots of time outdoors but even so, you look forward to coming inside in the late afternoon and getting cosy. The garden at the Finca is still quite new; lots of plants have only had a few months to begin to become established and even though I’m desperate to cut bits off to put in vases, I am trying to resist to give the plants time to settle.

autumn crochet leaves

While I was browsing Autumn-inspired loveliness on Pinterest and perusing some of my favourite blogs, I re-discovered the Autumn crochet wreath from Attic24.

This became the perfect solution to my Autumn-decorating-dilemma!

Over the last week or so, I’ve been busily crocheting little leaves, oak leaves, multi-coloured leaves, little berries and toadstools. Today’s task is to start to make some small acorns that will be scattered throughout the wreath design.

crochet oak-leaf

I’m so excited to get it finished and to have it hung up in the Finca kitchen – hopefully it’ll bring a bit more cosy to the space as the days start to get shorter.  If you haven’t seen it already, the finished wreath on Attic24 is utterly gorgeous – you must take a look!  I’m making mine slightly differently but I hope that it will be even half as good!

Also, if you feel like you fancy a bit more Autumn inspiration, take a look at my Autumn Pinterest board here – it’s not all crochet, I promise!

Speak soon x


Making Everyday Essentials A Little More Glamorous

Hello there! So nice to see you. Please sit down with a cup of tea and let me tell you about my newest thoughts…

There are somethings that you have to keep around the house that are essential to day-to-day life but boy, aren’t pretty.  Dog poop bags are my case in point for the day.  They need to be handy at every available exit from the house shouting “Don’t forget me, I’m vitally important! No, a 10 year old supermarket plastic bag is not the same – they have holes.” (You can only imagine how I have learnt this valuable lesson)!

So, drawing on a lovely review that a customer left in my Etsy shop the other day ‘Love that there is NOTHING that cannot be crocheted! ‘ I decided to crochet my way out of this situation.

crochet poop bag pod

… my crochet solution …

Meet the poop bag pod! A little cocoon that you stuff with bags so that it can act like a dispenser and remind you to grab one every time you leave the house.  I made one up yesterday and strategically placed it at the back door thinking that if it was successful, I would make one for the front door too.

Well, it must have had the seal of approval because it reminded Mr D-F to take a bag out first thing in the morning, instead of me having to do lawn-clean-up-duty later on in the day. Yuk!

poop bag pod in action

… the poop bag pod in action …

By now, some of you might be thinking that this would be a great April’s Fool post. Ha ha, who in their right mind would make something like this?!

Well, I’m afraid friends. My life has got to this point and I have made this for real…

… and it’s the business!

It’s time more everyday, boring essentials got a facelift. Don’t you think?!

xx Speak soon

Sparing A Square For KnitAid

If you have been following my feeds on Facebook and Instagram you may have noticed that I recently finished an incredibly colourful, crochet blanket.  It took quite a while to make and many, many granny squares were crocheted and joined together.  I absolutely loved each part of its creation and the finished product was just as I had hoped; warm, soft and a riot of colour.

festival blanket

… a section of the Festival Blanket …

Almost the same day that I was commissioned to make another matching blanket, I read a blog post from Crochyay.  If you haven’t heard of them yet then it’s time you made a discovery – especially if you are into crafts and crochet – as they create a box for each month, filled with crochet treats, patterns and new bits new to the market; hooks, yarn, the works.  Click on the link above if you fancy spending some time delving through their beautiful website.

Crochyay are currently encouraging fellow crafters to make a granny square measuring 20 x 20 cm in any pattern of their choosing and send it to Crochyay headquarters. The plan is that all the donated squares will then be put together to make blankets for Knit Aid’s refugee appeal.

lime granny squares

… a stack of lime granny squares …

After reading their post, I decided that with the leftover yarn from my blanket commission, I would attempt to make an extra square, in each colour, and send it to Crochyay for the Knit Aid appeal.

As I go about making the first of my squares, I think about how receiving a warm, colourful, made-with-love blanket would make someone’s day even if they were having the toughest of times.

multicoloured granny squares

… hopefully there will be enough leftovers for squares in each colour …

If you would also like to knit or crochet a square for the Knit Aid appeal, you can either visit the Crochyay post by clicking here, go to the Knit Aid site here, or send your squares directly to this address:

Crochyay Boxes, 7 Liverpool Terrace, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1TA.

…and if you’re not into squares, there are lots of other ways to use your knitting and crocheting skills to help – just have a look at the KnitAid website (they even have free patterns to get you started).

Happy stitching! x

Pasteque and Crochet Hooks

Hello my friend. It’s been a while – sorry.

It’s been rather an intense few weeks with lots of Finca jobs to do. Despite my efforts, annoyingly many are still languishing on my to-do list. With the lovely long, warm (mostly) summer days, the time has passed in a sort of blurry breeze. There has been lots and lots of crochet goodness to keep me occupied, which on the whole, I have undertaken under a shady tree in the garden with a pot of green tea with lemon – yum!

Last week we were due to go and spend time with family, so I packed as much yarn as I could get away with. I stowed my finest merino wool in my hand luggage (I mean, Mr D-F’s luggage – it was bigger) and checked with the airport and airline that my crochet hooks wouldn’t be taken off me – I actually got a very lovely response from Gatwick about this. They obviously appreciate the importance of having some crochet-on-the-go in every situation.

view towards Monaco

… the view towards Monaco …

We had a lovely time and I ate a serious amount of my favourite foods; pissaladiere, barbajaun, pasteque…

…we watched the fish swimming in amongst rocks and boat hulls and shrieked when they came to try and take a nibble of our legs!

Both plane journeys were pretty bumpy and I’m afraid I was not cool, calm and collected. I felt sorry for the man sitting next to me (not Mr D-F – the man on my other side)! I could see him having a little snigger whenever the plane decided to pretty much barrel-roll through the clouds and cause me to emit pathetic whimpers.  I did offer him some of my m&ms, which I think smoothed things over. The only thing that finally forced me to relax was to concentrate on my latest crochet pieces…

Thyme bag charm

Thyme flower bag charm available on Etsy

I have been so excited since I decided to make a range of key rings/bag charms that represent some of the most familiar Andalusian plants and flowers.  Now that I have the whole set completed, I keep swapping which type I wear on my bag because I can’t decide which is my favourite.  Currently, it’s between Prickly Pear and Aloe Vera.

crochet carnival bunting

… carnival bunting …

I also have lots of new bits to photograph and put in the shop (like the bunting above, which creates serious fiesta vibes once hung), some raggedy bits of garden to tidy up and a little dog to walk.

Speak soon x

A Whimsical Thrill :: Crochet Heart Door Hanging

You know how much I love a whim… and I had to share this one with you because it is such a quick and fun way to brighten up a doorway (or in fact, anything). So, while in the midst of making the last few remaining squares for my festival blanket – only 12 more to go – and finishing off some lovely commissioned pieces, I felt like making something colourful for the back of our front door.  As we’re still in the middle of decorating, the front hallway is still looking a little cold and needed cheering up.

crochet heart blocking

… blocking my heart with starch …

I did a bit of a search and found such a huge array of lovely decorations on Pinterest; from little birds to wreaths and garlands – all made out of crochet.  Then I came across this pattern for colourful hearts. It’s easy to follow and for the centre section, you are directed to use this pattern (which, don’t panic, has an English translation)!

The only thing to bear in mind, is that the patterns are written in US crochet terms so you have to do a bit of mental jiggery if you’re used to working in UK terminology. There’s always this handy chart from Simply Crochet Magazine to help.

crochet heart door hanging

… I added some buttons and a tassel and voila …

I’m so happy with it. It makes me smile every time I look down the corridor or come home and  I am already thinking of the different ways that I could use more hearts (any excuse)…

Right, back to these squares now… 114, 115 …

Have a great day x

May’s Greats

Thinking back to the beginning of the month, I remember wishing for a bit of sunny, warm weather.  We spend a lot of time outside and I was getting desperate to finally hang up my waterproofs and be able to go out without a coat. Well although we are set for a bit of rain this week, I feel really lucky to have had some lazy, bright days out in the garden, walks by the coast when the sea is so clear you can see the bottom and dog walks through cool woods filled with early summer flowers.

I’ve loved looking at pictures that my friends have put online of evening beach walks, families enjoying a (probably pretty cold) dunk in the sea and newly painted garden sheds.

May's Greats

… the highlights of my May …

As you can see from my round-up picture of May, there was quite a lot of crochet involved (as always)! I started some new commissions this month; I love the beginning of a new project, the preliminary discussions and seeing how it develops as the design evolves.

I’m also almost finished making all of the colourful squares for my festival blanket.  This has been one of my favourite projects EVER.  I wanted to create a blanket that could be taken with families to festivals, used to make a tent cosy when camping, placed on the seats of a camper van or to be used out on picnics.  I wanted something really colourful and joyful but made with yarn that was not fussy and could be thrown into the wash only to come out as good as new. No one wants to panic if someone spills pickle on the picnic blanket!  Within the next few days I’ll make a final decision on how the colours will go together before I start joining the squares up, which I am really looking forward to.

So looking towards the new month, I’m hoping for one just as colourful, with some more warm weather please! I am wishing for lots of good times with friends and a bit of discovery of new places.  What are you hoping for? x