Adventure Comfort Food

Picture the scene: You're out on an adventure.  You might be on a long family walk or a boat trip or camping.  It's fun and you're really enjoying being outside, but it's a bit windy and damp.  Your mind starts to think about the snacks that you have brought with you... ...this is usually our... Continue Reading →


An Odd Collection of Happenings

This post might seem a little disjointed but my week followed a similarly randomised pattern. Although, looking at my feeds on Instagram and Facebook, recent events still surround my favourite themes: the outdoors, food and crochet. Funny that! ... a rapidly growing maize crop with a great view ... As we've been so lucky to... Continue Reading →

Easy Hot Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Do you sometimes wish for that perfect moment of housewifely-ness? That instant of knowing that you are totally in control of your day?  The yes, I have time to make delicious pastries from scratch feeling? The yes, you have just caught me wiping my floury hands on my handmade apron and looking like I spend all day... Continue Reading →

Paleo Banana Bread Discovery

With having limited time due to the arrival of Brinks, our diet has definitely suffered. In the days before the squealing puppy, I would ensure that we attempted (as often as possible) to cook food and snacks that contained more whole foods than those of the processed variety.  Recently, it's been more a case of... Continue Reading →

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