Hallway Redecoration – The Starting Point

We're having a major surge on the redecorating front at the Finca.  Bedrooms are now painted and looking all fresh and updated.  Skirting boards are newly whitened and shiny. It's now the turn of the hallway and stairs. The current Finca spans three floors and because of this, our stairwell has very tall ceilings and... Continue Reading →


The Best of Dorset Country Style

The weather is getting wetter, darker and a bit drearier. You need to be prepared for every climate eventuality - how to manage this with style has escaped me thus far. Let me give you some back story... So, I often meet up with friends for dog walks and general tomfoolery around the countryside. I... Continue Reading →

A Wild Update

Hello my friends. I know many of you know what I've been beetling away at over the last few months but I thought it was about time I spilled the beans on here. We've started a new business - eek! Although started doesn't feel like the correct word, I suppose we've made a natural extension... Continue Reading →

Shopping Spree – Harts Haul

I was in a dangerous situation earlier in the week. I had to go to Harts of Stur to buy something very practical and slightly boring - a tea strainer I think it was. If you're a local you'll totally understand why I consider this a mission with much jeopardy. However, if you have not... Continue Reading →

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