August Is Over And I’ve Been…

Loney planet magazine on table

READING: Lonely Planet Magazines

I’m really feeling the pull to go and explore places that I’ve never been to or revisit those that involved too brief a stay. I’m thinking short weekends away, exploring coastal coves and trying as many different foods as possible.


WATCHING: The Dark Tourist on Netflix

See… quite clearly there is some serious wanderlust going on here. I don’t think I’ll be visiting any of the places featured on this series as most of them gave me the mega-creeps. Hence, the serious face.

Lakeland terrier at the beach in Dorset

DOING: Getting outside as much as possible

Walking, kayaking, al fresco lunching… anything involving getting out and about.  Even on the days with the downpours, full waterproofs make you feel like you can stand pretty much anything.



In everything and with everything. My favourite way is to put it in salads, with a bit of salt and pepper.


LAUGHING AT: Our home movies

It’s only when we record ourselves that we realise how much time we spend just being silly. I love silly.

So, August is officially over and we’re left wondering what September will bring. Keep an eye out on Instagram for daily updates and short videos from me (and us).

…and now it’s your turn. If you could sum up August in 5 words or highlights, how would you describe it? I can’t wait to read about it in the comments below. x



12 thoughts on “August Is Over And I’ve Been…

    1. Gill! You’re amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your highlights – all of which sound THE BEST (except for perhaps the hospitals one – I hope you’re ok). Where did you go kayaking? Xx

  1. Sun, sea, tents, friends and…….. wine!!!! Xxxx

    September needs to be focus, lettuce, water warm clothes and early nights!!! Xxx

  2. Identifying with the wanderlust in this post a whole lot – we just booked a city break trip for November to try and appease ourselves. My August highlights would be: watermelon (ever try it with some salt? Sounds gross but it is lifechanging), beaches, hiking, running and WANDERLUSTING.


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