Kayaking (And Capsizing) At Studland Beach


This week, Mr DF was on holiday and instead of going abroad (and having to leave the dog – too sad a thought), we decided on packing the week out with day trips and catching up with friends.

One of the activities on our hit list for a while has been to try kayaking. Although we were tempted to go all maverick and try this out on our own with borrowed equipment, we saw a place that runs tours and training from Studland. After phoning Fore Adventure and talking to a really upbeat member of their team there, I was convinced that we were making the right decision and would have the best possible experience.  The bonus being that they provide you with everything you could possibly need.

(This is not a sponsored post – I just really rate these guys). 




The weather was perfect and the sea was calm. We had a practise paddle on the beach before we left and spent almost 3 hours out on the water.  Josh, our guide, talked to us about the marine life, rock formations, the history of Old Harry and (my favourite bit) – which seaweeds you can forage for and eat!

View out to Old Harry

Kayaking Around Old Harry

Old Harry On A Kayak

We travelled close to the shore, from Middle Beach to around Old Harry’s Rocks and back. It was quite easy paddling until we rounded the land at Old Harry where the waves were a bit more choppy. I actually found this bit more entertaining as we got continually sprayed with water as we hit the waves. The only frustrating part was when I turned around to check if Mr DF was managing ok (I was paddling like mad and we weren’t going anywhere) to find him with his paddle on his lap admiring the view! Ha!

Once back into the more sheltered waters we were given challenges and games to play; like swapping seats, kneeling up and then standing. It was during one of our seat swapping manoeuvres that the whole kayak flipped over and sent us straight into the sea. We were quite proud of ourselves, if a little soggy.



We ended the day by getting ice-cream and sitting to watch the world go by.  Very importantly I didn’t give up the traditional choice of Mint Choc-Chip, especially after I tried Salted Caramel – I just don’t get the excitement over it. Mint Choc-Chip is a winner, every time!

Let me know if you are thinking of doing some kayaking adventures or if you have any suggestions for our next activity. Just scroll down a little way, and enter a comment. It’s really easy. Promise.

(To everyone I have seen over the holidays and bored senseless with my crazy ideas, no, I have not yet tried skateboarding. There is, however, still time…)


8 thoughts on “Kayaking (And Capsizing) At Studland Beach

  1. What fun!!!! I went out on a pedals in Turkey but I’m thinking your day out was a lot more adventurous! Glad it was amazing…. such beautiful views too xx

  2. Do you think they would be able to train a rather scared, older & very unfit person? Was it just the two of you or a big group?

    1. We were in a group of 8 and our instructor couldn’t have been more patient and helpful. They run shorter sessions, which might be a good place to start if you’re unsure. We’ve just uploaded a video to the Dorset Finca Blog Facebook page if you want to have a more detailed look at our adventure https://m.facebook.com/DorsetFincaLife/ – I don’t think you’re a FB dweller normally, but you might be able to see the video anyway. I hope it helps xx


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