This Week’s Bakes





This week has been a hive of baking in the DF kitchen and because many of the bakes weren’t for us, I was able to indulge myself and make some traditional wonders! My go-to cake for pretty much any occasion is a Lemon Drizzle. It often gets asked for by my friends and it is one of the easiest cakes to make. All in a bowl, one quick mix and then straight into a lined loaf tin – minimal washing up, minimal fuss but maximum yumminess! My favourite recipe (and I’ve tried several!) is from The Primrose Bakery Book by Martha Swift and Lisa Thomas; both authors are advocates for making cakes using a food processor, where everything goes in together. I love this book because it is full of special but achievable bakes; one quick browse is all it takes to have me getting out the tins and trying something new. I’ve also made their gingerbread camel recipe (for Christmas one year) – they looked so pretty and went down a treat. I think everyone we knew ended up being gifted some!

I also made good use of my trusty friend – the Mary Berry Foolproof Cakes recipe book – which I think has been updated now into a different book, but if you can get your hands on one, it would be so worth it, especially if you are not a regular or confident baker. I used her recipe for Coffee and Walnut Cake with a walnut praline centre but this is also the book I go to for scones and Mr D-F’s favourite biscuits of all time: Diggers!

With all of these delicious treats being made around us, I made a Chia seed pudding for us to eat and to see how it went down. I LOVED it! Mr D-F was not pleased at all however, and did some crazy ‘yuk’ noise when he tried it. It wasn’t the flavour, he reassured me, more the texture of the little seeds once they turn into jelly. He likened it to eating frogspawn. Luckily, they can be blended before soaking, which helps with the texture, so I haven’t been beaten. I shall try again (*cue sly look)!!



I hope you have a great weekend ahead. See you on Sunday x


This post contains affiliate links – this doesn’t affect you at all, but if people purchase from the linked shop after clicking, it might eventually cause a tiny payout to me. What would I do with it? Probably go out for a cup of tea and a slice of cake! You are welcome to join me. x! x




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