Lunch With A View At Hive Beach Cafe

The view from hive beach cafe featured

Hive Beach Cafe

Hive Beach Cafe Deli

Whenever I tell people that I had lunch at the Hive Beach Cafe in Burton Bradstock for the first time last weekend, I am usually met with a similar sort of response; one of shock, awe and exclamations of ‘Oh we love it there, it’s one of our favourite places – did you take the dog?’

Yes it was our first trip to experience a meal at Hive, it was a beautifully sunny day and no, we didn’t take the dog! However lovely it would have been to have taken him, he was much happier playing with his doggy friends. I had visions of him slyly taking someone’s lobster off of their plate while we were deeply involved in our lunch. I would have been mortified and you might be thinking right now, that this was extremely unlikely to have happened except that it ALMOST did happen!

Mr DF was out of his seat putting another hour on the car-parking ticket and our food arrived. I was people-watching and generally day-dreaming when the most enormous Great Dane strolled past (oh my goodness, I love Great Danes – in fact after this event occurred, Mr D-F and I spent the next half an hour talking about how lovely it would be to have one in the family… sorry I’ve totally gone off point here)! So, yes, the Great Dane ambled past and was, as you can imagine, taller than the table. His head slowly turned towards me and my lunch and I am pretty sure, if it hadn’t have been for his wised-up owner and a firm grip on the lead, that he would have wolfed down my fish before I had even had a chance to take a sniff.

So you see. A close call, non?

cake while you wait

Cake while you wait for your table? Yes please!



Every seat in the house seemed to have a wonderful view of the sea and I could have happily stayed there all day. We had fish for our main course and even though I was so full I couldn’t resist a mouthful or two of this pudding. Mr D-F ordered it and I asked the waitress, much to Mr D-F’s horror, for two spoons please! Argh! I’m the worst wife ever!

Then we had leisurely coffees and mint teas before it really was time to tear ourselves away and head back home. The most perfect day!

H x



3 thoughts on “Lunch With A View At Hive Beach Cafe

  1. We visited a couple of years ago and could easily have stayed all day long, wonderful memories, thank you for sharing 🙂 x


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