This Week’s Bakes

madeleine shaw chocolate tart


close up of gluten free tart base

tart base of medjool dates and oats

gluten free refined sugar free chocolate tart

Can I just start by saying that this beautiful chocolate tart was a huge success, incredibly easy to make and can be made to be gluten and refined sugar free. However, this week’s baking adventure did not start out this confidently.

The whole story began with a conversation between myself and a friend of mine. It went something like this:

My friend (who shall remain anonymous): Would you like to come for supper on *this date*?

Me: Oh yes please. Can I be helpful and bring anything?

My friend: Yes, pudding would be brilliant please.

Me: Do you have any preferences?

My friend: No. Whatever you like…

(…and then she added): but it needs to go with Persian inspired food.

Me: Right. Ok then.

Which started me off in a grand panic. I googled, looked in my recipe books, asked friends – you can just imagine! Until I stumbled upon this recipe on Madeleine Shaw’s website.  I love Madeleine’s recipes, as well you know, due to their mainly gluten free nature (perfect for Mr DF) and generally refined sugar free ingredients (perfect for me). This chocolate tart is made from a base of oats and medjool dates and is finished with a filling of raw cacao, dark chocolate, more dates and a dash of espresso, which I felt would be a great compliment to a Persian main course.

The flavour is incredible but it is best eaten on the day that it is made.  By day 2, although still yummy, the intensity of the rich, chocolate flavour had started to lessen.  I cannot recommend it highly enough and when you taste it, you won’t believe the flavour that can be had with just a few, simple ingredients!

I’ll let you know how it goes down when I serve it up at supper.





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