What I’m Currently Reading ~ April

what I'm reading Prick book of cacti and succulents

Firstly, where did March go?! It was such a blur of snow, family birthdays and more snow that I didn’t get to post my March reads. Sorry about that! I would normally post my current selection of books on-the-go in the middle of the month, however, I have just been given this book and I am already very much taken with it. I couldn’t wait to share.

After my initial – ha! The title! moment, I was struck by how beautiful this book is from the outside. A green-grey cover with pictures of multi-coloured succulents and cacti have already whisked it to the top of my coffee table book stash.

Titled: Prick – Cacti and Succulents: Choosing, Styling and Caring by Gynelle Leon

This book gives you a bit of background information on the rise and popularity of cacti and succulents before launching into a wonderfully informative directory of the most interesting species. There is also a handy care-guide and problem-diagnosis section, which I will need to refer to as my succulent collection continues to grow. This book would make such a beautiful gift for anyone interested in interiors, styling and houseplants – it’s a great one to have in the back of your mind for a housewarming or birthday present.

I’m looking forward to settling down this evening to plan my next cactus purchase! Have a lovely day x


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