My Budget Friendly New Houseplant

ivy propagated in pot

close up of variegated ivy

With the clocks going forward to signify the start of British Summer Time (ha ha – ironic, since we’ve only just seen the snow melt away), we thought that it would be time to give the mantlepiece a refresh.  Instead of fairy lights, candles and cosiness we wanted a feeling of nature and the outside. It didn’t take much for me to decide on the fact that more greenery was needed!

As we are slowly working our way through the list of finishing touches to the office, our budget is tied up with that room and my excitement at the thought of a shopping spree at the garden centre was quickly quelled by Mr D-F waving the list of ‘office things to buy‘ in front of me.

So after a momentary harrumph, I set to work discovering a way that I could have a new plant without spending anything.

A while back, a lovely friend had given me the prettiest hyacinth in a taupe, grey container. Once the hyacinth had flowered and had begun to die back, I planted him in the garden so that I could re-use the container.

I took a cutting from an ivy plant that I bought for our winter hanging basket last year and, after checking carefully that I had chosen a section with long, healthy roots, I planted him into his new home.  As the container doesn’t have drainage holes, I filled about 2 cm of the bottom with pebbles before topping it up with container-planting compost.

After doing a short amount of research, I have discovered that ivy can make a good houseplant if given enough light (otherwise its colour tends to drain) and will continue to grow healthily if the soil is allowed to dry a little between waterings.

I’m so pleased with our new mantlepiece addition and it was all created from bits that we already had. Such a bonus! …and, I don’t have my eye on a new Calathea plant, oh no, not at all…

Have a lovely rest of the week x




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