Bedroom Highlights Reveal

Hi! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. I am really excited that our bedroom is finally finished. We’ve been living in the new Finca for over two years but it has taken us so long to get the room just how we wanted it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still the opportunity for new throws, pretty bed linen or more houseplants but, on the whole, the room is done.

How bad was it when we moved in? Not horrendous at all. However, the three-walls of fitted furniture weren’t quite our style, the paint was a bit pink for me and the woodwork needed a bit of TLC.

Would you like to see my favourite bits? I’ll explain as we go through and I’ll link all of the featured items at the bottom of the post in case you would like to check them out online.

I have to start with this beauty. I have wanted a Juju hat for our wall for a long time and the traditional hats from Cameroon are hard to source and can be seriously expensive. During one of my Instagram browsing sessions, I discovered Bamaluz Home and was so overjoyed to see the beautiful handmade Juju hats and wall hangings that were listed in their online shop. After a chat, I ended up having a Juju hat custom made in greys and browns so that it would fit in beautifully with our bedroom’s new colour scheme.

Although still a little bare (there’s definitely room for a houseplant here) we are still really loving our chest of drawers from Ikea. Currently on the top, we keep a picture of me when I was hunting for shells on Studland beach, our favourite coffee table books and our Amazon Alexa, which I love listening to rainforest noises on before I go to sleep. We had the shutters made for the window, which create a lovely dappled light and are possibly my favourite thing about the room… although it’s so hard to pick a favourite!

The colour on the walls is Farrow and Ball’s Elephant’s Breath – I’m sure you’re not surprised as you know me to be such a grey addict!

A little close up so that you can see the difference between my sort of coffee table book and Mr D-Fs sort of books. Can you tell which one is which?

This is one of the pieces of fitted furniture that we kept (above photo). It wasn’t necessarily something that we would have chosen but after some pondering, we decided that it was really handy and I now use this drawer section as a place to keep all of my bits that I need daily.

This possibly is a slightly random picture of my bedside table, however, this cuticle cream is the best thing ever. I have to talk about it as I use it every evening and I am sure that is has made my nails much stronger and they grow so quickly. I have a little evening ritual… rainforest noises on, YouTube videos playing and I put this cream on before I read my book. So relaxing!

As promised here are the links:

Juju Hat from Bamaluz Home

Photo frame from John Lewis, similar to this one

Amazon Echo in dark wood effect

Lego book

Dogs in Vogue book

Chanel book

Baskets from Wild Home

Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream


Please note: some of the links above are affiliate links. 



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