What I’m Currently Reading ~ February

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Perhaps it’s the cold, dreary weather or maybe I’ve been trying to take a bit of time out just to calm my busy mind, but I’ve been getting into some wonderful books recently.  I thought it might be a nice idea to share what I’m reading each month and hopefully you’ll feel like leaving me a comment with new recommendations of what to read next! Sound like a plan? Right, let’s dive in.

I discovered this first book through someone that I follow on Instagram. The title and blurb of the book just called to me and it did not disappoint. It fitted exactly what I was in need of and it’s so good, that I’ve started reading it again for the second time!

It is: Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

melissa ambrosini mastering your mean girl

I originally bought this on Kindle (as you can see above!) but I think that it is quite a good book to have in the real as I constantly was flipping back and forth trying to remember the good tips that she provides.

The ‘Mean Girl’ that she refers to in the title and throughout the book is your inner voice/critic/ego.  This book celebrates self love, self worth and advocates the important message that before you can give to others, you need to be overflowing with feeling great about yourself.

She discusses how to get the most out of relationships, the importance of working out what ‘healthy’ looks like to you and not being afraid to go there. Her messages really encourage you to go out and make the most of each and every day, which totally resonated with me. I would love Mr D-F to read it too, but I have prepared him that the book is more geared towards a female audience and I’m not sure how he will get along with the tone, however the messages are applicable to anyone.

Whether you love the ‘self-help’ genre of books or you’ve never gone there before, I really recommend the read. I LOVED IT!

Check it out on Amazon, here.

The other book I’ve been diving into is a bit of a throwback. I adored this book growing up…

my family and other animals

My Family And Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

I remember reading this in my teens and dreaming of a life in the sunshine, even then. The book chronicles the crazy antics of a family and the creatures and animals that they encounter along their journeys. It is a laugh out loud, beautifully written book which, if it isn’t already, will become a firm favourite on your shelves.

My favourite bit is the scorpions at the table… if you’ve read it, you’ll know exactly the bit I’m talking about!

What are your favourite reads? Can you recommend me something for March? x



4 thoughts on “What I’m Currently Reading ~ February

  1. Hi, Will read your suggested self help book…sounds just what is needed. My recommendation for a March (and ver funny book) would be This is going to hurt by Adam Kay. Laugh out loud funny in places but also poignant.


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