Hallway Redecoration – The Starting Point

We’re having a major surge on the redecorating front at the Finca.  Bedrooms are now painted and looking all fresh and updated.  Skirting boards are newly whitened and shiny. It’s now the turn of the hallway and stairs.

The current Finca spans three floors and because of this, our stairwell has very tall ceilings and large spaces of wall.  We had been studying paint charts, looking at artwork and pondering which direction to go in, when the lovely people at PhotoWall got in contact.

PhotoWall Live in the Sunshine

PhotoWall are a Swedish company who produce wall murals and canvas prints using their designs (or yours, if you like).  Their products are environmentally friendly, flame retardant and do not fade in sunlight – especially handy if one day, you plan to transplant yourself to somewhere hot and sunny!

As you can see, it didn’t take me long to choose which design would suit us down to the ground!

PhotoWall Live in the Sunshine canvas

I chose a large design to work with our expanse of wall going up the stairs. Once we had hung it, the paint colours we were deliberating over became clear in our minds (more of that in a future post)! I think we needed a focus item to inspire us – and did we ever find it!

One of the things that impressed me most about PhotoWall’s system was how it arrived with a frame in sections and the canvas rolled up carefully.  It was so easy to construct the frame and secure the canvas onto it and once constructed, there was even a handy wall bracket to mount it onto the wall.

PhotoWall Frame

We are thrilled with our wonderful print and would like to thank PhotoWall for getting in touch! I love it!

I would highly recommend a visit to the PhotoWall website – especially if you are still looking for the perfect Christmas present.

Speak soon x



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