A Wild Update

Hello my friends. I know many of you know what I’ve been beetling away at over the last few months but I thought it was about time I spilled the beans on here.

We’ve started a new business – eek! Although started doesn’t feel like the correct word, I suppose we’ve made a natural extension to hundreds of already existing businesses.

W I L D  H O M E

is our name and we sell beautifully handmade fashion and lifestyle products. They are as ethically sourced as possible and all of our packaging is either 100% biodegradable or recyclable – even our packing tape!

Cowry Machakos Baskets Vanilla

… Cowry Machakos Baskets …

We work with small groups of artisans from around the world (currently our teams are based mainly in Kenya) and we provide a shop front for them to sell their products and therefore help to grow their businesses. We ensure that fair prices are paid to our craftsmen and women, which reflect their incredible skills.Hewa sandals

… Hewa handmade leather beaded sandals …

We first began selling sandals back in June. The first box of 10  pairs we received were sold within 20 minutes! We knew how beautiful they were but were thrilled that people loved them as much as we do.  Our customers love that each sandal has a velvet lining on the strap – meaning that they are so comfortable and will protect your feet on all of your travels.

Rafiki bracelet blue and gold stripes

… chunky Rafiki bracelet …

We sell all of our products from our online shop Wild Home and are trying to travel the UK as much as possible, exhibiting at fairs, shows and festivals – if anyone has any links or suggestions to any great venues or events, please let us know!

There is nothing quite as thrilling as exhibiting amongst like-minded creative businesses, chatting to people all day long and hearing their feedback about our products. In the short time that we have been doing this, we have already met so many fantastic people.  While we were exhibiting at the Gillingham and Shaftesbury show back in August, we met a lady from Kenya who almost managed to sign us up to horseback safaris that her son runs! Perhaps that’s one for next year?!kushika clutch bag from Wild Home

… Kushika Clutch Bag …

We are very, very grateful for all of the support and encouragement that we have received – it’s been a bit overwhelming actually. It has really solidified how much we love what we do and how ideally, this is our mission for the future. We are looking to develop further links with artisans in many different countries so that we can bring the most unique and the highest quality products to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! If you would like to see more of our story – please check out our page here.  I’ll also put all the Wild Home social links at the end! x

… fine woven mini baskets …

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