Garden Update – The Arrival Of The Pond

The new Finca garden is everything that I have wanted for so long. A lovely walled surround to grow things up, a dangly branched tree that provides dappled shade and a general atmosphere of peacefulness.  Last summer, I sat under the tree with my tea, a book and was happy and content, except that one thing niggled me.

Every day that I was outside, I could hear the faint bubbling of a pond fountain in the distance.  I loved that sound and wished it was closer; that I could have some running, trickling water in the garden. How relaxing would that be? I would generally think to myself.

fish in pond

I didn’t really want to have a pond that involved digging. I wanted a pond at a height that you could sit around, rest your feet on the sides and see easily out of the kitchen window. Doing the washing up and watching the water ripple in the wind is a very relaxing way to do the dishes!

We looked at lots of different pond kit options (I’ll leave you the links below). We chose one eventually that came with a good liner and was wooden, so that it would work well aesthetically in the garden.

spiral pond plant

floating pond plant

It took us an afternoon to build and another afternoon to wire in the filter and pump.  A few days later, I got some little plants and after a week, we added the fish! Five little fish.

They are the happiest fish I have even seen. They zoom around in their little group, jump and flip. They hide in the weed and come and greet you eagerly at feeding time. I love these little guys.

Do you want to see? Mr D-F and I had great fun with this next little number:


Some of the ponds I was considering:

Wooden raised pond

Square pond

Rectangular pond

The pond pump we bought:

Pond pump and filter

Outside electrical switch box

We use these floating planters for our marginal plants:

Pond planters

Some of the plants we bought:


Oxygenating Elodea


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