Shopping Spree – Harts Haul

I was in a dangerous situation earlier in the week.

I had to go to Harts of Stur to buy something very practical and slightly boring – a tea strainer I think it was.

If you’re a local you’ll totally understand why I consider this a mission with much jeopardy. However, if you have not taken a trip to Sturminster Newton and into Harts… you’ll soon see what I mean.

harts cover large

So I parked up outside, wandered in thinking ‘tea strainers, tea strainers, tea strainers…’ and then the first hazardous thing occurred.

‘Ooh lip balms!’ the hazardous thing shrieked. (The ‘thing’ being my inner magpie for anything colourful, shiny or generally beautiful looking).

With mission tea strainer totally out of my mind I went to look at these gorgeous, organic lip balms. I use A LOT of lip balm and I have been thinking that maybe I should switch to something much more natural and less chemically-laced.

bee lippy lip balm

I am so happy with this little pot. I love the colours of the packaging (I am such a sucker for luscious packaging). The balm sits on a little dish on my desk so that I can use it throughout the day.

Feeling really rather pleased with myself at this point, I looked to my left… BIG MISTAKE.

travel mug

There were the coolest travel mugs by Bodum just perched on a stand, looking enticing. To justify my thinking at this point – I use a travel mug a lot. If I am out and about, I always forget to drink. By having a travel mug with me, filled with mint tea, vanilla rooibos or something similar, I can try and entice myself to drink once I get to my destination. I currently use a ceramic mug, which has been great but water can drip out of the hole at the top (really inconvenient when you spill this on yourself), whereas this one above has a totally sealed top.

Beware though – I gave it a test run and it really does keep drinks very hot! Like for hours. If I know I’m going to need to drink it within an hour, I either leave the top opening on ‘open’ or I add some cold water. Never the less, I love this new mug.

…and look, doesn’t it go amazingly with the new tea towels that I found?! I can’t decide which is my favourite. I think I am quite in love with the burnt tangerine colour.

colourful tea towels

My mantra of ‘tea strainer’ came back to me at this point and as I was getting so easily distracted, I asked a very lovely lady (who works at Harts btw, not just another customer… that would have been weird) to direct me to the right place.

While on my way to the tea strainers, I picked up some cards for future needs. It’s always good to have a stock of interesting cards and these ones really called to me:

emma ball cards

By the time that I got to the tea strainers my basket was looking quite full and while very functional, the strainers now no longer looked even remotely enticing. ‘I really don’t need anything else today, do I?’ I said to myself.

…and I ended up not getting one at all.

At least that gives me an excuse for another visit in the near future – don’t you think?!



3 thoughts on “Shopping Spree – Harts Haul

  1. What a lovely lot of treasure, a return visit sounds very sensible! I neatly bought heart shaped same kind yesterday until my husband mentioned that I don’t use the two plain ones we have. I might have been more tempted to use the heart shaped ones but now we will never know!

      1. Thank you, I have the exciting task of doing the washing lol, but hoping to squeeze some knitting in later! Have a lovely Sunday 😊


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