The Great Greys – It’s Time To Choose A New Paint

Why is it that when the sun comes out, I get a desire to paint? It’s possibly because all of the beautiful light shows up colours for what they really are, and if you saw my Instagram post yesterday, you will have noticed that I had got to the point where the magnolia in the guest room was just too painful for me to withstand a moment longer. So it’s time to wave bye-bye to a colour that inspires me the least.

So what to choose? Probably one of the colours that I find the most inspirational. Those colours that create such an incredible backdrop for your rooms that you can accessorise in any way that you like. It’s like the perfect base.

Before we delve into these beautiful colours, I would like you to know that I am in no way promoting these colours for any other reason other than that they are my favourites at the moment. I have tried other paint brands, but currently these colours react to light in a way in which I haven’t found in other paint brands.

FB skimming stone

… Farrow and Ball’s Skimming Stone – No. 241 …

I currently have Skimming Stone in the office and it looks AMAZING against white. It’s a warm, pebble grey that works so well with taupes and neutrals. Such a calm colour and in no way a risky ‘Will I like it?’ kind of shade. I’ve had this colour up for about a year and a half now and I still notice and love it every day.

 FB ammonite

… Farrow and Ball’s Ammonite – No. 274 …

Ammonite is a cool, blue grey. Still very much a grey neutral but it has a colder feel. I currently have this colour in the kitchen and it works brilliantly alongside deeper greys, whites and mustards. It reflects light extremely well and gives a sense of spaciousness – especially perfect if you want a bit of a colour but are worried that it might make your room feel smaller; this won’t.

FB Elephants Breath

FB Elephants Breath 2

… Farrow and Ball’s Elephants Breath – No. 229 …

Elephants Breath is a deeper version of Skimming Stone. A rich, grey with a very slight pink undertone. It can look very grey towards the evening but a bit more blush in brighter light. It is a majorly delicious colour.

We chose this for our bedroom because I wanted a deeper, cosier colour that would still work wonderfully with the white sloped ceilings that we have. I apologise for the quality of these photos but I didn’t want to edit them away from the true colour. I felt that that wouldn’t be particularly helpful if you were using these to help you to choose too.

So, by talking this through with you, I think I have made a choice! Which one would you choose?


Farrow and Ball’s Skimming Stone

Farrow and Ball’s Ammonite

Farrow and Ball’s Elephants Breath


5 thoughts on “The Great Greys – It’s Time To Choose A New Paint

  1. I like elephant’s breath, but I am biased as it looks very similar to the colour we’ve just used in our room. I never thought we’d go for great but now I love it!

      1. It was dulux polished pebble. It’s quite pale, but coordinates with the pale blue background in the wallpaper. We didn’t want to make it too dark, but added a darker grey carpet and curtains.


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