Turnworth In May – A Dorset Date For Your Diary

Why have I never blogged about this before? Sorry, not helpful. I’ll start at the beginning.

There is a little, tiny hamlet nestled at the base of Okeford Hill called Turnworth. It is made up of only a few collection of houses, a church and a phone box. Surrounding this ‘metropolis’ are fields and trees, hills and grassy banks. It’s the sort of place where everyone knows and takes care of one another.

Sound good?

Turnworth holds an annual fete which celebrates all things to do with springtime and quintessential village life and they would really like you to join them.

Turnworth in May – Sunday 28th May – 11 am until 5 pm

DT11 0EE

Turnworth in May

You can have a wander around the village, have a peek into the vegetable gardens, stroll over people’s lawns if open to the public (these will be clearly signposted).  Take a moment in the church where Thomas Hardy stood and look at the flower arrangements.

There are also plenty of things to tempt you… such as a range of delicious home-made cakes, jams and preserves…


… some of this year’s stock, ready for purchase …

…and just look at these… too cute!

crochet teddies

crochet emojis

… crochet emoji keyrings and teddies …

I have already got my eye on a few of these bags and doorstops which will be on sale. So you’ll have to race me…

handmade bag

handmade bag2

crochet doorstop

There’ll be lots of easy parking and everyone in the village will be out to help and point you in the direction of the things that will interest you.

Shall we make a date to see each other there?

Actually, if you think you see me – with armfuls of bags and jams probably – please come and say hi! I love those “Hey, you’re the Dorset Finca” moments! xx 



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