Autumn Inspired Decorating

Although it felt as if Autumn was holding out on us for a while in September, there is no doubt that we are now starting to experience orange falling leaves, colder winds and the desperate need to drink more hot chocolate.

I adore this time of year as it’s generally mild enough to spend lots of time outdoors but even so, you look forward to coming inside in the late afternoon and getting cosy. The garden at the Finca is still quite new; lots of plants have only had a few months to begin to become established and even though I’m desperate to cut bits off to put in vases, I am trying to resist to give the plants time to settle.

autumn crochet leaves

While I was browsing Autumn-inspired loveliness on Pinterest and perusing some of my favourite blogs, I re-discovered the Autumn crochet wreath from Attic24.

This became the perfect solution to my Autumn-decorating-dilemma!

Over the last week or so, I’ve been busily crocheting little leaves, oak leaves, multi-coloured leaves, little berries and toadstools. Today’s task is to start to make some small acorns that will be scattered throughout the wreath design.

crochet oak-leaf

I’m so excited to get it finished and to have it hung up in the Finca kitchen – hopefully it’ll bring a bit more cosy to the space as the days start to get shorter.  If you haven’t seen it already, the finished wreath on Attic24 is utterly gorgeous – you must take a look!  I’m making mine slightly differently but I hope that it will be even half as good!

Also, if you feel like you fancy a bit more Autumn inspiration, take a look at my Autumn Pinterest board here – it’s not all crochet, I promise!

Speak soon x



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