Hang It Up :: Autumn Hanging Baskets

I’ve always been one to shy away from the concept of hanging baskets.  I’m not sure whether it was the fact that I hadn’t stumbled across many that I loved or that the thought of something heavy, dangled above your head seemed a little dangerous.  Whatever my earlier views were, I can now say that I am seriously digging them!

These aerial gardens are perfect for spaces where lower pots or flower beds would otherwise be obscured and not enjoyed;  by having the plants lifted to head height allows you to create 360 degree designs that flow and trail.

autumn hanging basket close up

… autumn flowering pansies with a heather backdrop …

{As it was a typical September morning, the sun was streaming through slightly misty air, creating a very romantic light for the photos! I would have re-shot them later on, without the sunburst bits, but I came to really love the feel of them}.

I had to run a few of my potential designs past quality control (Mr D-F) before I was allowed to run free in the garden centre (picture here, slightly gangly woman running through the rows of potted plants, slalom-ing around the other eye-rolling customers, pushing an enormous trolley in search for the right plants, while muttering to herself).

We finally decided on a purple and silver theme for our first basket.


… I was careful to choose different textures and heights …

The basket frame that I chose came with a coconut husk liner and as I had already blown my budget, I decided that it would be best to leave the sphagnum moss (my preferred liner) for when I re-do my basket in the spring.

After a bit of a jiggle on the trolley, placing plants next to each other, changing my mind a few times and then sitting back to look at them, I ended up choosing:

  • Pink heather
  • Autumn flowering pansies
  • Autumn flowering violas
  • Silver variegated ivy
  • Cineria silverdust

I also bought some hanging basket compost and the mechanics of my basket itself which was about 12 inches in diameter.

After covering the bottom of the basket with the compost, I began by underplanting with violas, ivy and the cineria (I had to cut holes in the liner for this) before filling up with a bit more compost. By using the heather as the height for the centre, I was able to fill up the top of the basket with a variety of pansies, ivy and cineria. Checking all the time that it wasn’t too symmetrical but had more of a natural feel.


… ta dah …

Although it looks very new and ‘gappy’, I’m hoping that the ivy will start to spread and the plants will begin to dangle over the sides to create an all-round design.

Have you seen any wonderful hanging baskets recently? Please let me know as I’ve already spotted a little place on the Finca that’s perfect for another one!



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