Making Everyday Essentials A Little More Glamorous

Hello there! So nice to see you. Please sit down with a cup of tea and let me tell you about my newest thoughts…

There are somethings that you have to keep around the house that are essential to day-to-day life but boy, aren’t pretty.  Dog poop bags are my case in point for the day.  They need to be handy at every available exit from the house shouting “Don’t forget me, I’m vitally important! No, a 10 year old supermarket plastic bag is not the same – they have holes.” (You can only imagine how I have learnt this valuable lesson)!

So, drawing on a lovely review that a customer left in my Etsy shop the other day ‘Love that there is NOTHING that cannot be crocheted! ‘ I decided to crochet my way out of this situation.

crochet poop bag pod

… my crochet solution …

Meet the poop bag pod! A little cocoon that you stuff with bags so that it can act like a dispenser and remind you to grab one every time you leave the house.  I made one up yesterday and strategically placed it at the back door thinking that if it was successful, I would make one for the front door too.

Well, it must have had the seal of approval because it reminded Mr D-F to take a bag out first thing in the morning, instead of me having to do lawn-clean-up-duty later on in the day. Yuk!

poop bag pod in action

… the poop bag pod in action …

By now, some of you might be thinking that this would be a great April’s Fool post. Ha ha, who in their right mind would make something like this?!

Well, I’m afraid friends. My life has got to this point and I have made this for real…

… and it’s the business!

It’s time more everyday, boring essentials got a facelift. Don’t you think?!

xx Speak soon



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