Adventure Comfort Food

Picture the scene:

You’re out on an adventure.  You might be on a long family walk or a boat trip or camping.  It’s fun and you’re really enjoying being outside, but it’s a bit windy and damp.  Your mind starts to think about the snacks that you have brought with you…

…this is usually our scene. Before we have even parked the car and begun the journey, the cry for ‘I hope you brought snacks‘ is let loose and somehow, it’s my fault if I’ve forgotten, or the snack choice (a slightly browning banana) is not up to par.  I’ve also been in that awful situation where you think you’ve been ever-so-well prepared and you whip out your thermos with a flourish only to find that the tea you made earlier tastes of plastic and something you can’t quite put a name to.

This Autumn, this situation is all going to change my friends. This time, I will come prepared. This is the year of the adventure comfort food.

cheese straws detail shot

… cheese straws – the perfect first step …

This first round of adventure comfort food was inspired by cheese.  I was kind enough to be sent some cheese from Wyke Farms to try.  When I took a sniff of their mature cheddar, soft, melty cheese straws came flooding into my mind. I am pretty certain that if a tub of cheese straws was produced at just the right moment during an outside excursion, the exclamations of joy from all around would be enormous. (Why don’t you try – let’s see who can get the loudest whoops)?

I used an easy recipe from BBC Good Food, but I left out the mustard powder and substituted it with a little black pepper.

wyke farm extra mature… Wyke Farm Extra Mature Cheddar …

cheese straws

… this snack will surely keep you out of jeopardy during extreme outdoorsing …

So next time I have to pack some sustenance for some serious outside activity, these are going to be the first thing that I prepare and take.  I wonder if there is a good dip or sauce that goes well with cheese straws?

I now need to think about what else to bring.  What are the best uses for a thermos, for example, as tea definitely doesn’t seem to suit one?! I’d love to hear your ideas…

Speak soon x


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