Sparing A Square For KnitAid

If you have been following my feeds on Facebook and Instagram you may have noticed that I recently finished an incredibly colourful, crochet blanket.  It took quite a while to make and many, many granny squares were crocheted and joined together.  I absolutely loved each part of its creation and the finished product was just as I had hoped; warm, soft and a riot of colour.

festival blanket

… a section of the Festival Blanket …

Almost the same day that I was commissioned to make another matching blanket, I read a blog post from Crochyay.  If you haven’t heard of them yet then it’s time you made a discovery – especially if you are into crafts and crochet – as they create a box for each month, filled with crochet treats, patterns and new bits new to the market; hooks, yarn, the works.  Click on the link above if you fancy spending some time delving through their beautiful website.

Crochyay are currently encouraging fellow crafters to make a granny square measuring 20 x 20 cm in any pattern of their choosing and send it to Crochyay headquarters. The plan is that all the donated squares will then be put together to make blankets for Knit Aid’s refugee appeal.

lime granny squares

… a stack of lime granny squares …

After reading their post, I decided that with the leftover yarn from my blanket commission, I would attempt to make an extra square, in each colour, and send it to Crochyay for the Knit Aid appeal.

As I go about making the first of my squares, I think about how receiving a warm, colourful, made-with-love blanket would make someone’s day even if they were having the toughest of times.

multicoloured granny squares

… hopefully there will be enough leftovers for squares in each colour …

If you would also like to knit or crochet a square for the Knit Aid appeal, you can either visit the Crochyay post by clicking here, go to the Knit Aid site here, or send your squares directly to this address:

Crochyay Boxes, 7 Liverpool Terrace, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1TA.

…and if you’re not into squares, there are lots of other ways to use your knitting and crocheting skills to help – just have a look at the KnitAid website (they even have free patterns to get you started).

Happy stitching! x



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