An Odd Collection of Happenings

This post might seem a little disjointed but my week followed a similarly randomised pattern. Although, looking at my feeds on Instagram and Facebook, recent events still surround my favourite themes: the outdoors, food and crochet. Funny that!

maize fields dorset

… a rapidly growing maize crop with a great view …

As we’ve been so lucky to have all of this deliciously warm weather, we have been getting out for our daily walk a little earlier than usual.  With our various routes all quiet, dewy and with the promise of spotting a deer or two it has been one of the best parts of my day.  We finish up with breakfast, cups of tea outside and a quick read of a book before the day’s jobs start properly.

pissaladiere monegasque

… Pissaladiere …

I tried my hand at making Mr D-F’s favourite – Pissaladiere.  Well, actually this is how it went down; my mother-in-law kindly sent us a recipe book of traditional Monegasque recipes and that very same day Mr D-F said that he would like me to make some of this delicacy.

For his lunch.

“Yes please, here are the onions you need,” he said.

Right then.

So, to avoid the sad look of disappointment on his face, which is the worst thing to behold ever. I had a go. I was a little dubious about parts of the recipe, but sure enough, it allowed me to make a pretty authentic attempt.

…and the verdict? “This is the best, thank you so much,” he declared.

Air-fist-pump to me!

“But you can just tell it’s not the same as the real sort. It’s the English tomatoes,” he continued.


If you want to have a go at the Nice version, there is an easy recipe on BBC Good Food here.

Enjoy x



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