Pasteque and Crochet Hooks

Hello my friend. It’s been a while – sorry.

It’s been rather an intense few weeks with lots of Finca jobs to do. Despite my efforts, annoyingly many are still languishing on my to-do list. With the lovely long, warm (mostly) summer days, the time has passed in a sort of blurry breeze. There has been lots and lots of crochet goodness to keep me occupied, which on the whole, I have undertaken under a shady tree in the garden with a pot of green tea with lemon – yum!

Last week we were due to go and spend time with family, so I packed as much yarn as I could get away with. I stowed my finest merino wool in my hand luggage (I mean, Mr D-F’s luggage – it was bigger) and checked with the airport and airline that my crochet hooks wouldn’t be taken off me – I actually got a very lovely response from Gatwick about this. They obviously appreciate the importance of having some crochet-on-the-go in every situation.

view towards Monaco

… the view towards Monaco …

We had a lovely time and I ate a serious amount of my favourite foods; pissaladiere, barbajaun, pasteque…

…we watched the fish swimming in amongst rocks and boat hulls and shrieked when they came to try and take a nibble of our legs!

Both plane journeys were pretty bumpy and I’m afraid I was not cool, calm and collected. I felt sorry for the man sitting next to me (not Mr D-F – the man on my other side)! I could see him having a little snigger whenever the plane decided to pretty much barrel-roll through the clouds and cause me to emit pathetic whimpers.  I did offer him some of my m&ms, which I think smoothed things over. The only thing that finally forced me to relax was to concentrate on my latest crochet pieces…

Thyme bag charm

Thyme flower bag charm available on Etsy

I have been so excited since I decided to make a range of key rings/bag charms that represent some of the most familiar Andalusian plants and flowers.  Now that I have the whole set completed, I keep swapping which type I wear on my bag because I can’t decide which is my favourite.  Currently, it’s between Prickly Pear and Aloe Vera.

crochet carnival bunting

… carnival bunting …

I also have lots of new bits to photograph and put in the shop (like the bunting above, which creates serious fiesta vibes once hung), some raggedy bits of garden to tidy up and a little dog to walk.

Speak soon x


5 thoughts on “Pasteque and Crochet Hooks

    1. I was so relieved! Although I had slight nerves when our bag was put in the ‘to be searched’ pile. Turns out it was some antibac gel I’d forgotten and not my beloved hooks! I might have cried if they had been confiscated!

      1. I forgot to turn off my iPad. We had to wait behind a couple that had loads of bags. Seriously way over the carry on limit. One other woman had a bag full of liquids. It was a long wait!


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