Holiday Essentials Challenge

I have a little challenge for you…  and I’m sorry if it is tipping down with rain where you are (it is here too) or if the thunder and lightning seems to be shaking the roof off your house and a relaxing holiday seems a distant thought.

For this challenge you might have to do a bit of imagining…

I was contacted by the people at HomeAway – a holiday company – to come up with 5 things that I would be lost without when on holiday.  I promise you, they didn’t offer me an ‘all expenses paid’ trip to the Maldives to have a go at this and they haven’t given me a million pounds (or anything) to write this post, but as I saw it as a bit of fun, I decided to have a go anyway!

Now, I initially said ‘bit of fun’ but actually the whole process was slightly stressful for my brain. I mean, only 5 things? What if I left out something really important? Maybe I should only list practical things? Breathe…

Firstly, it’s your turn.

holiday essentials challenge

Imagine you are on a wonderful holiday – where would it be? Are you staycationing, being trendy in a camper van? Are you on a beach in the South of France? Are you doing something brave and extreme like abseiling down massive cliffs?

I chose a warm, sunny, quiet beach. Preferably somewhere with unbelievably good food.

Once you have chosen your dream destination, you need to come up with 5 things that you would take with you to make your holiday the best ever.

Here are mine (yes, the food came first):

A picnic - olives, ham, melon - the works!

This talking of holidays is making me feel even more wistful for a beach, a glass with an umbrella in it and a good book, but for now, I think I might just have to re-create this in the garden – when it stops raining.  Hmmm…

I’d love to know what you would take and where you would go.

Speak soon x





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