A Whimsical Thrill :: Crochet Heart Door Hanging

You know how much I love a whim… and I had to share this one with you because it is such a quick and fun way to brighten up a doorway (or in fact, anything). So, while in the midst of making the last few remaining squares for my festival blanket – only 12 more to go – and finishing off some lovely commissioned pieces, I felt like making something colourful for the back of our front door.  As we’re still in the middle of decorating, the front hallway is still looking a little cold and needed cheering up.

crochet heart blocking

… blocking my heart with starch …

I did a bit of a search and found such a huge array of lovely decorations on Pinterest; from little birds to wreaths and garlands – all made out of crochet.  Then I came across this pattern for colourful hearts. It’s easy to follow and for the centre section, you are directed to use this pattern (which, don’t panic, has an English translation)!

The only thing to bear in mind, is that the patterns are written in US crochet terms so you have to do a bit of mental jiggery if you’re used to working in UK terminology. There’s always this handy chart from Simply Crochet Magazine to help.

crochet heart door hanging

… I added some buttons and a tassel and voila …

I’m so happy with it. It makes me smile every time I look down the corridor or come home and  I am already thinking of the different ways that I could use more hearts (any excuse)…

Right, back to these squares now… 114, 115 …

Have a great day x



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