May’s Greats

Thinking back to the beginning of the month, I remember wishing for a bit of sunny, warm weather.  We spend a lot of time outside and I was getting desperate to finally hang up my waterproofs and be able to go out without a coat. Well although we are set for a bit of rain this week, I feel really lucky to have had some lazy, bright days out in the garden, walks by the coast when the sea is so clear you can see the bottom and dog walks through cool woods filled with early summer flowers.

I’ve loved looking at pictures that my friends have put online of evening beach walks, families enjoying a (probably pretty cold) dunk in the sea and newly painted garden sheds.

May's Greats

… the highlights of my May …

As you can see from my round-up picture of May, there was quite a lot of crochet involved (as always)! I started some new commissions this month; I love the beginning of a new project, the preliminary discussions and seeing how it develops as the design evolves.

I’m also almost finished making all of the colourful squares for my festival blanket.  This has been one of my favourite projects EVER.  I wanted to create a blanket that could be taken with families to festivals, used to make a tent cosy when camping, placed on the seats of a camper van or to be used out on picnics.  I wanted something really colourful and joyful but made with yarn that was not fussy and could be thrown into the wash only to come out as good as new. No one wants to panic if someone spills pickle on the picnic blanket!  Within the next few days I’ll make a final decision on how the colours will go together before I start joining the squares up, which I am really looking forward to.

So looking towards the new month, I’m hoping for one just as colourful, with some more warm weather please! I am wishing for lots of good times with friends and a bit of discovery of new places.  What are you hoping for? x



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