Dorset To A Tea

I was really honoured this week to be featured in Dorset Tea’s DORSET TO A TEA series, which  provides a glimpse into the lives (and work) of Dorset’s inhabitants.

After sending me a delicious variety of tea to try (I’ll tell you my favourites in a minute), I was asked to answer questions such as:

  • What inspires you about living in Dorset?
  • How did you get to do what you do?
  • What is your fondest Dorset memory?

lavender in the garden

… the feature photo of mine that Dorset Tea chose …

Although I find answering questions about myself a bit hard, I loved recalling my fondest memories of growing up in such a great county. I could have chosen so many, such as taking trips down to the beach in the late evening to have a piece of chocolate on the beach and camping in the middle of nowhere only to find a deer pretty much sticking her head through the tent in the early morning.

Dorset Tea in mug

… my favourite mug with my favourite Dorset Tea …

I have taken my role as tea-sampler very seriously this week and have gone about the process quite methodically, ensuring that I don’t miss out on something special. Mr D-F is a bit more haphazard with his method, but no less enthusiastic! I think my current favourites are Foraged Fruits and Strawberry and Cream, whereas Mr D-F says that nothing can beat Dorset Tea’s English Breakfast.

pack of four crochet coasters

… this calls for new coasters …

With all the tea-excitement I had to even break out a new set of beautifully thick, cotton, crochet coasters. No water rings are going to get past these!

If you would like to read the Dorset Finca’s Dorset To A Tea article, please click here.

Have a lovely Sunday x



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