April Updates

…and take a breath!

Things have been mega busy at the Finca recently with some decorating, planting and of course masses of crochet.  In between all of the franticness, we have been making extra efforts to take ourselves outside, forget the job lists and spend a few hours going on a long walk through the woods or fields.

Letting your mind go a bit blank for a while, as you appreciate what is directly in front of you, is what’s needed if your head feels like a tangle of alphabetti spaghetti.

breathe graphic

In the times that I have not been outside, taking some deep breaths and reminding myself not to self combust over the tasks for the day, I have been…

gift wrapping

… having far too much fun with gift wrapping …

Last weekend I sent off some custom orders that I had been working on.  I get such a thrill from wrapping up the items in soft, organza bags, writing a little note to go to each customer in their parcel and then sealing everything up ready to take to the post office. It’s a stationery geek thing, I’m sure of it!

 dorset finca cowls flatlay… playing with product photography …

Having only had my Etsy shop open for a few months, I have been researching, asking advice and trialling things until I am happy with the results.  It’s been a learning curve that has been exciting, fulfilling and at times a little frustrating but I think I’m getting the hang of it and I ADORE having my own shop front on the internet high street. (Although I think my shop is more round the back than on the actual high street)!

Dorset Finca Cotton Cowl

… playing with lighter textures for Spring/Summer …

When many people think of crochet, warm, fuzzy and cosy images spring to their mind with perhaps another image of someone on a winter’s walk wrapped up in lashings of merino wool. However, I have been trying to figure out ways to change people’s perceptions just a little bit. Crochet can very much be something for warmer weather too. The amazing crochet outfits in the sunny weather at Coachella are a case in point.  With this in mind, I’ve been making fun, colourful and robust outside blankets – perfect for families who love the outdoors, festival bunting and cowls made from light and airy cotton (like the Blossom Cowl in the picture above).

Have a great week. x



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