Dreaming of Summer

I’m not sure whether it is because the birds are starting to sing loudly in the mornings or that for the first time in months, I’m not in total darkness as I go about my early morning jobs but I’m already starting to think a lot about summer.  It might be that I’m also beginning to plant out some of the hardier plants which will really come into their own during June and July – therefore shifting my mind towards the warmer seasons.

I was looking through my pictures this morning and I remember taking this one distinctly…

generous gardener david austin rose

Oddly, last week I had just bought another one of these roses (The Generous Gardener – David Austin). It’s my all-time favourite and I was desperate to have one growing up the wall of my new garden. The blooms are large and plentiful throughout the summer and my last one was particularly good at resisting the advances of aphids and any other little invaders.  It also has an incredibly beautiful scent.

This photo really spoke to me. It reminded me of going out into the garden to pick herbs to use with supper and flowers to put on the table in the kitchen.  Those warmer days when so much time is spent outside.

Those days are just around the corner but for now, I’ll get back to my hot cup of tea, work out which variety of woollen jumper will be most suitable for the day and head on out into the chilly air.

Speak soon x


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