A Very Wet Weekend

I’m not one to shy away from a bit of challenging weather. There’s something quite satisfying about putting on full waterproofs, wellies and as much wool as one can wear.

Maybe it was that we seem to have had nothing but rain or wind for the past 3 months and I’m feeling the drudgery seep in, or perhaps the almost-gale-force winds and persistent heavy rain this weekend was a bit much.   In any case, all I felt like was a cosy room, chai tea, some retro films and a new crochet project to play with.


This amaryllis, which was a present from a lovely friend at Christmas, is certainly cheering up the kitchen at the moment. I am always completely amazed how a stem, quite so enormous, can grow out of just a mere tangerine-sized bulb. I can’t wait to see how the flowers look once they are fully emerged.

crochet cowl beginnings

I have really enjoyed working The Pebble cowl, shown here, in a richer Damson colour.  I am already scouring the yarn colour charts for some new variations – I have a hankering for some stripes.

I hope you’re managing to keep out of the rain and wind. Pour yourself another cup of tea and definitely have that slice of cake you’re eyeing up. It’s the only solution!

See you soon x


3 thoughts on “A Very Wet Weekend

  1. Such a beautiful colour. Hope you get to see the sun soon! That much rain can wear on you. I suppose I’ll have to get used to is when we move back. On the bright side you have daffodils and we have snow. 🙂


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