Welcome February

Ok, so I’ve done another switcharoo.  Can I not sit still for one minute? Seems not.

I had a bit of writer’s block. Bloggers’ block you could call it. I had spent so much time, effort and *ahem money on changing my blog over to a self-hosted site. As I was blogging regularly and loving every minute, I thought that this would be the technological icing on the cake; I was convinced that it was going to give my blogging experience such a lift…

… and it did.  For a bit. However, in my contrary nature, it also had a bit of an opposite effect on my motivation levels. I am well aware that we have just moved house and life has been mega hectic, but something happened to my bloggy-joy when I had to ensure that I backed up everything weekly, pay my hosting company monthly, etc. etc. I longed to be back in the comforting nest of wordpress where all I had to worry about what was I wanted to photograph and write about.

So I finally did it. On Monday actually. I pulled the plug on the whole self-hosting stress that my blog had developed into…

…and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, I have a little less creative control (although wordpress.com seem to be giving bloggers more and more freedom in this respect), but I have a new theme, pretty colours and fonts to choose from and no more stress. I’m going to ditch the pressure that I have been piling on myself and just post the things that I (and hopefully) you, will like.

I shall start with my Instagram round-up from January. Muddy, windy and woolly. Perfect.

january round up

NB: While the blog is still settling back into it’s old skin, there may be a few issues with media files. I.e. where pictures don’t load properly. 



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