A Mid-Week Update

As things settle down in the new Finca, I’m determined to get back to a more regular posting schedule. However, for the moment, it may be a bit more ad-hoc than some of my earlier pre-planned posts.  So, with this New Year spirit in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the bits and pieces that I have been up to so far this week…

The weather has been pretty much as miserable as possible for our early morning dog walks.  Nevertheless, Brinks and I cover ourselves with as much waterproof clothing as we can manage and set out to find adventure.

race horses on the gallops


One of our favourite sights are the racehorses out for their morning exercise. Even if it’s pretty murky, we stand by the gate and watch to see how fast they can run.

Once back from our walks there is a necessity to take time to dry off and have a cup of tea. This week, I have been using these moments to play around with crochet collars. I’m thinking about the springtime already and the freedom of being able to forego the mass of scarves that usually adorn my neck…. and I was inspired by the idea of a light and delicate collar necklace to finish off a plain top.

I found this great free pattern, and although I had to adapt it slightly, I was very pleased with the results. Isn’t it cute?!

crochet collar


After (*another) exciting delivery of yarn, I also couldn’t resist starting my high contrast ‘sea glass’ scarf.  It will be very similar to this scarf currently in the shop (which was primarily designed with House of Colour Springs in mind), however with the contrasting pinks and blues in this new version, this is definitely one for those who have been analysed as Winters.

high contrast sea glass scarf

It’s already growing quite fast as I can’t take my hands away from the beautiful smoothness of this particular yarn and of course the startlingly amazing colours!


So that’s where I’m up to so far this week. Apologies if you have already seen these photos in either my Facebook or Instagram feed. My phone is my friend at the moment when it comes to taking pictures and juggling a small, highly inquisitive puppy!

Speak soon x





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