2015 – A Year of Changes

It amazes me that 2015 is already about to come to an end and the newness of the next year is so very close. For us, at the Finca, this has been an incredibly busy year, full of changes. The absence of regular posts was a definite hint that there was a lot going on and in all honesty, this is the first occasion where I have had a minute to sit at the computer and write to you.

allium bulb


… alliums were my absolute garden favourite of 2015 …

The first mega-change this year came with the arrival of Brinkley.  Maybe less of the arrival and more of the whirlwind as we have been kept more than occupied with all of his cute and crazy antics.  He is starting to settle himself comfortably into his adolescence and loves to be given jobs and tasks to do to keep his little terrier mind on track. Collecting the socks from the washing basket is his current favourite!

baby brinkley lakeland terrier


… Brinkley back in the day …

brinkley at 4 months lakeland terrier

… at four months …

Whilst getting to grips with being dog-parents we suddenly decided to move the Finca to a new home. I don’t know what came upon us, but we are very happy that an evening chatting about next steps over coffee turned into a full-scale house move. I can’t wait to share with you what excitements the new Finca holds… there is a little walled garden *squeal* and the prospect of more decorating! The main reason for the move was that we needed a bit more space and it is the next step on the journey to moving the Finca family more into the Mediterranean sunshine.

The other exciting piece of newness is…

…drumroll please…

…the grand opening of my Etsy shop – hurrah! No surprises that it houses a lot of crochet!

sail away coasters

By having a shop, I can crochet all I like without worrying about when I will get time to wear it all. Now I can make it for other people too.  I am still busy filling it with stock as my latest commissions have taken up a lot of my crochet-time recently. I have spent lots of hours deliberating what to actually fill it with as I have so many things that I like to make.  For now, I want to really concentrate my creative attention to scarves and warmer-weather alternatives to scarves (you’ll see what I mean as Easter draws nearer). As a massive scarf-wearer myself, I know the power that the right colour near to your face can have and I love the feeling when you get people stopping you on the street to say…

“I’m sorry, but I just had to say that I love that scarf!” 

What a buzz!

So, that’s you up-to-date for now. Bring on the New Year and let us all have a cracking one!






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