Autumn means…

… long walks amongst crispy leaves

… switching the morning espresso for a teapot full of tea

… becoming excited about scarves, hats and boots

autumn collection of leaves


… digging out favourite gardening jumpers

… whimsical jewellery

… using the dog as a hot water bottle for feet

whimsical autumn teapot jewellery


… warm afternoon sunshine followed by cold nights

… planning the next crochet blanket while still finishing the current project

… hot toast at 4 pm


… berry crumble

autumn leaf

… an odd sense of renewal – even though the year is in its last quarter

Are you an Autumn lover too?  What does it mean to you?



4 thoughts on “Autumn means…

  1. I love the smell of autumn, damp earth and fallen leaves, rich autumn colors, the sun shining through the red/yellow leaves on trees. And yes….it feels as if new beginnings are in the air.

    1. Hi Julie, it’s funny how Autumn has such a distinct smell. I’m sure that during the last few weeks of August you can start to catch a smell of Autumn in the air!

      1. I know what you mean – there’s also that odd blankety quiet that comes from the clouds just before it starts snowing! 😊


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