Pet Portraits With Personality

If I am totally honest, I’ve always been a bit sceptical of pet portraits.  I just didn’t think that a soothing watercolour painting of our pets would bring us much joy hanging up on the Finca walls (especially in the case of Ollie the cat, as he is usually sporting the most grumpy of expressions, that somehow also portray a lot of naughty swear words).

However, when Brinkley was asked to be a dog-model for a new range of Christmas cards from *Artist Not Included, I was surprised at how excited and exceedingly honoured I felt.  The process from getting his scraggy face onto that of a crisp card in time for December, also involved a portrait, which would form the basis of the image. Check it out…

Pet portrait Brinkley

Charley (who is the artist behind *Artist Not Included) is an actual genius! She turned a few photographs and a short biography of Brinkley’s personality into this beautiful pen and ink drawing.  It totally captures his mischievous nature and his fly-away fur.

… and we love it.

… and yes, we will be hanging it somewhere prominent!

After having so much fun doing the portraits in time for her range of Christmas cards, Charley has branched out into creating pet portraits for those of us who want our pet’s personalities radiating out of the pictures as well as their likenesses.  If you would like to know a bit more about the process, or would like to contact Charley about having your pet become a model, please use this link.

Artist Not Included Dogs in Christmas Jumpers

Artist Not Included Dogs in Christmas Jumpers 2

… and if you feel like sending some very trendy Christmas cards this year, pop on over to Charley’s Etsy shop to grab a few before they all sell out!

Have a wonderful Sunday and sorry for mentioning the Christmas word so early in September – won’t happen again (gulp, I don’t think).

A massive thank you to Charley of *Artist Not Included for the photographs and incredible Brinkley portrait. 


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