Top Tips On Treating Your Skin At Home

So yes, I’m still having a love affair with my Organic Almond Serum from Enchanted Plants.  I put it on every evening and feel all the goodness and wellbeing soak into my skin.  I call it a love affair, but that makes it sound like it’s a fleeting love and I don’t think it is. I think it’s in for the long-haul. It’s that kind of love.

Last week, I shared some of Jemma’s beautiful products with you.  You can find Jemma’s shop by following this link, if you would like another chance to browse.

… and while we were having our lovely chat about her favourite soaps, creams and oils, she also shared with me some top tips for giving your skin a little special attention at home.  Life is hectic. There is so much rushing around, jobs to be done and things to tick of a multitude of lists, but it is important to take time out, reflect a little and indulge yourself. I’m a firm believer that a bit of self-indulgence makes you more productive and a more thoughtful individual. If you are brimming with relaxation and joy, it’s easier to pass this on – don’t you think?


… the scent of lavender relaxes and helps you to sleep soundly …

Jemma’s top tips:

For dry and sensitive skin:

Calendula and Oat Milk Bath Soak

Take a handful of organic rolled oats.  Gather some Calendula petals from the garden, you’ll need about 13 petals or a good pinch. Put it all into a clean, cotton sock and tie the top in a knot. Hang over the top of the bath so that it just dangles in the water.  Relax!  Especially good for babies and children. 

garlic chive

… chives have great anti-bacterial properties …

For great skin protection and to maintain moisture balance:

Flaxseed and Shea Butter

By either making up your own lotion containing flaxseed and shea butter, or by sourcing an organic lotion that contains these two ingredients, you will be giving your skin a real make-over.  Both elements contain nourishing plant waxes that protect skin and keep its moisture levels in harmony.  Try to avoid bought lotions with harsh chemicals, parabens or phthalates.


… Rosemary is wonderful for relaxing tired muscles …

For relaxation and hydration:

Rose Geranium and Rosemary Hand and Body Lotion

If, like me, the thought of making up your own body lotion at home does not fill you with joy, because you are sure to end up with a congealed mess that definitely doesn’t look appealing, you can buy this little beauty.  This organic Rose Geranium and Rosemary Hand and Body Lotion will be quickly absorbed by your skin leaving it feeling smoothed and refreshed.  Ahhh, I feel more relaxed already! 

trug with rose

 I hope you have a very relaxing Sunday – you deserve it!  A huge thank you to Jemma, for all of her brilliant tips. x



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