Sooth Summer Skin With Organic Skincare

As September is peeking out from around the corner I have been reminiscing on all of the fun that we’ve had over the summer. No, there hasn’t been a long, extended heatwave in Dorset and we haven’t spent every day basking under warm rays, but we have been spending most of our time outdoors never-the-less.  Lots of our friends have been on hot summer holidays in faraway destinations and have returned all brown (and sometimes a little crispy) looking.

All of this element exposure, has been making me think about my skincare routine and how much I take my skin’s health for granted.  I thought that it was about time that I found out a bit more about the best ways to sooth summer skin and keep it replenished and healthy.

I headed off to see Jemma Cannon (owner and founder of Enchanted Plants hand-made organic skincare) for some skin health advice and for a chance to sample some of her incredible organic skincare range.

Enchanted Plants Chamomile Soap

Over a relaxing cup of herbal tea and with Brinkley settled on my lap, we chatted about Jemma’s range of hand-made soaps and what inspired her to start the business in the first place. It became clear very quickly, with her degree in Herbal Medicine and her passion for creating soothing and healing products, that Jemma was extremely knowledgeable and puts a huge amount of care and attention into the recipes of her soaps.

It had occurred to me before, that commonly bought shower gels and soaps could be very drying on the skin, but I hadn’t really considered why this was the case, or what the alternatives could be.  Jemma carefully explained that, often, the key ingredients that your skin needs to flourish are taken out when products are massed produced, and then sold as by-products (glycerine for example), leaving a harsher, less nourishing soap.

‘But shower gel can be so convenient can’t it?’ I asked. ‘I mean, you can just put the top back on after your shower and it doesn’t go all squidgy and runny like a traditional bar of soap.’

Jemma patiently told me that if soap is kept in a soap dish and is not left to sit in water, it will last a surprisingly long time. She also explained that it is harder to produce good quality soaps in bottles with pump-action dispensers or squeezy tops because you are not able to put in some of the raw organic ingredients. Bottles like that need smooth liquid without any bits…

…and sometimes the bits contain all of the goodness.

Enchanted Plants Honey Lavender Soap

So I was sent home, very kindly, with some soaps to try. In the shower. Instead of shower gel.

Eeeeek – I was very excited!

I chose to start with the Honey Lavender Organic Soap (as shown above). I felt like I needed a warm blanket of Honey Lavender that day as the weather had been particularly dismal and I had bathed Brinks for what seemed like the thousandth time (he has a penchant for rolling in fox-poo).

Once in the shower, not only did I not need very much soap at all, but the smell of the organic essential oils was amazing.  The soap was so smooth and frothy.  Jemma had suggested that I might find that I wouldn’t need to moisturise after a shower as much, now that the traditional shower gel wasn’t stripping my skin of all its moisture…

… and do you know what? I didn’t need any!

Two weeks later and my bar of soap still looks, pretty much, like it did when I took it out of its beautiful packaging… and my skin feels better already.

Enchanted Plants Organic Apricot Serum

If all that wasn’t exciting enough, I have something else to share…

Now this, my beauties, is the cherry on the top (and feels like a bit of a secret).  In the picture above is a little bottle of Organic Apricot Serum.  This is an amazing little product and I really urge you to try it. (I made my mum try some and she became all silly and shrieked about how she needed to get some right away – it was rather embarrassing).

I put a tiny bit on my face and neck, in the evening, instead of moisturiser.  It smells amazing, is incredibly non-oily, which was unexpected and has made my face feel like new. Bye-bye little crows-feet – I can see you trying to crash the party.

If you feel like trying some of these amazing products and want to challenge yourself to ditch the shower gel… you can find Jemma’s shop in Shaftesbury, you can visit her online shop,  or you can make friends with her on Facebook.

Next week, I’ll be sharing some of Jemma’s tips for treating yourself to some home-made DIY skincare.

Have a great day! x

Just a little note to say that this is not a commission based post – but I did get some free soap to try. I thought I had better declare this, just in the interests of transparency you understand! x





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