Garden Colour Palette | White and Green

For the last few days I have been dreaming of white and green gardens. There’s something so calming and sophisticated about the coolness of white flowers teemed with different textures of green foliage.

I love the thought of big terracotta pots filled with rosemary and thyme, flower beds filled with pale astrantias and lime green hydrangeas.

Maybe… I am actually just longing for a holiday and am having visions of a tuscan townhouse garden! This, I think, is quite a possibility.

While in my recent reverie, I spent time looking around the Finca’s garden and realised that it is giving off quite a lot of the green/white vibe.  I expect my subconscious was directing me when I was planting earlier in the year.

garlic chive

Hydrangea Annabelle

I also had a bit of a surprise when it came to my ‘Black Knight’ Buddleia (a beautiful variety with deep purple flowers)…

As the flowers started to emerge I was so eager to see them in all their purply lusciousness.

‘They’re a bit pale,” I thought to myself.  “I expect they darken as they mature.” I concluded.

vanilla scented flowers

Buddleia white

Errr… no, that didn’t end up being the case.

Instead of the Black Knight purple wonder that I ordered. I instead have a white buddleia (as you can see above).


As it happens, I am totally in love with it and it matches my need for all things green and white.  Bazinga!

Have a great day x



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