The Adventures Of Brinks #1

So life has really taken off for the hound of the household. Not only does he get a lot of admiring glances and comments when we’re out and about, but he’s now taking his fame to another level.

The lovely Charley from *Artist Not Included has asked for him to be one of the coverdogs for her new line of Christmas cards. (Yes, for people who have to prepare products in time for December, it’s Christmas already).

It’s been a bit like Britain’s Next Top Model here at the Finca, with Brinks getting into the zone for his preliminary photographs.

‘Excuse me, what is my motivation for this shot?’

Brinkley posing

We also had to write a mini-biography of Brinkley’s character and mannerisms so that Charley could infuse her sketches with these details.  Her beautiful blog *ArtistNotIncluded will be documenting the whole process over the next few weeks and will, I’m sure, explain all of the fascinating, technical details that will go into the finished product.

For now, do you fancy a sneak peek at the first drawings?

Brinkley sketches 1

Eeek – they are so gorgeous and I am really rather overexcited!

Brinks is a bit nonchalant about the whole thing if I’m honest. He’s more like ‘is it walk time yet?’

Here’s a close up…

Brinkley sketches 2

So lovelies. You know what Christmas cards you’ll be getting from the Finca this year! However, if you fancy sending some of your own, Brinkley and the other coverdogs will be on sale at various local boutiques in the run up to the big ho ho ho as well as on Charley’s Etsy shop.

In the meantime, I’ll be making sure that this fame doesn’t go to Brinkley’s head too much.

Have a great day x



4 thoughts on “The Adventures Of Brinks #1

    1. Thank you Sue! Although I can brush him many times a day and he still looks like a little scruff-bag. 😊

    1. Ha ha – exactly… or expect me to pick out only the round dog biscuits for him. Brinks is a Lakeland terrier. 😀


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