Summer Inspiration | Pen Pals

Summer is the time when I tend to be at my most whimsical. Sudden fads take hold of me and I focus lots of time, energy and excitement on my latest project. Sometimes a whim can last for the summer and some can be a real surprise and stay with me forever.

This year, it’s the summer of the Pen Pal.

I know that you are well aware of my giddiness over stationery.  I also love the timelessness of a well-written letter. It’s almost meditative to sit down at a desk, with the sunlight streaming in through the window, with a cup of mint tea or freshly brewed coffee and communicate with pen on paper. The letter and envelope become their own work of art.

addressed letter pen pals

… this is obviously not the name/address of my Pen Pal – I made this one up …

After doing quite a lot of research, there seem to be a few easy routes to setting yourself up with a Pen Pal:

  • Re-kindle a friendship with someone who moved away
  • Begin writing to a relative in a different country
  • Be brave and start corresponding with a total stranger

I went for the last one.

Isn’t the phrase go big or go home? Is that appropriate for here? It seems to fit, so I’m running with it.

I decided to put up my details (only your email address, birthday and country of residence is needed) onto an online service which matches you with potential Pen Pals from around the world.  There are lots of these websites out there, but I chose to go with PenPalWorld – mainly because they are free and they received good reviews.

decorated envelope

I’m really excited about who I may get to write to and what stories they might have to share. I’m slightly worried about personal information, because in this digital age, we are schooled to be cautious.  I think I will just have fun with it and go with my instincts.

I’m even more excited about the potential for exploring a whole world of letter-writing stationery. Stamps. Pens. Paper. *Breathe

I think I may need a sit down.

lettering pens

In readiness, I have been practising different lettering techniques and trying to figure out the styles that I like (this is a whole project/fad/whim of its own).

At the moment, these are my two current, favourite pens for lettering:

I can’t wait to update you on who I write to. Do you think this is a fun project or do you have reservations? Are letters still cool or am I stuck in the dark ages?!

Have a great day x


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