Garden Mood Board | Purple

As the garden is filling out and starting to look like the best that it will get for the year, I have been spending some time sitting back and thinking about how I would like to tweak it for next summer.

Plants that I imagine will take up lots of space sometimes don’t quite fill out enough and I find myself rearranging and planning on how to fill up the gaps to create the over-flowing look that I love.

The other thing that I think about a lot is colour. I go through fads of wanting bright zingy greens or shocking yellow borders. What I have noticed about this year is the abundance of purple in the garden. Mauve, violet and aubergine colours peek out at me and really make an impact when mixed with limes and apple greens.

allium from above

… alliums, my utter, utter favourites …

allium opening

The lavender borders are looking their best ever after their springtime prune. Not only do the plants smell incredible and attract bees and butterflies, but Brinks enjoys hiding his favourite chewy toys in amongst the stems!

lavender borders


The phlox is a great space filler and often will continue to flower well into late summer.  It works well as a cut flower and isn’t fussy about being used in florists’ foam. I have kept it mainly to the edges of the garden so that it doesn’t overpower the more delicate plants.

watching sparrow

The resident family of Sparrows have been keeping an eye out for anything juicy emerging from the garden. They are busily feeding their hungry chicks in-between dust baths.

Do you have a predominant colour in your garden?  Are you one for planting plans or do you just plant what you enjoy? 

Have a great Sunday x



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