Homemade Fruit Ice Cubes

I don’t know about you, but I have several friends who always ask for ‘just a glass of water please’ whenever they come round for tea.  However tempting I may find a hot mug of tea, a fresh cup of coffee or some refreshing juice, there are lots of people, it seems, who are quite happy with just water.

No matter how much they persuade me that this is the drink that they prefer, I still feel so mean, filling up a glass and handing it over, just like that. No ceremonial tea-pot, no juice-presser… nothing.

I get that if they wanted something different, then they would ask for it. Nevertheless, surely there is a way to jazz up their drink so that they feel like they are getting something a bit special too?

lemon slice

I have seen the idea of fruit ice cubes on Pinterest (and edible flower ice cubes too) and decided that this was the way that I was going to liven up the drinking water around the Finca.

Firstly, I chose some lemons and raspberries. These two fruits have quite distinctive flavours and I thought that they would work well together. I cut them up into little segments and placed each one into its own cube in an empty ice cube tray.

fruit in ice cube tray

After filling with water and putting it in the top drawer in the freezer, I left it for a couple of hours.

I was amazed at the results! Out came cute little cubes of fruity ice, each one with a perfect piece of fruit sealed inside.

fruit ice cubes

Obviously I had to try them out straight away and put one lemon and one raspberry cube into a glass of water. Not only did it make my drink look way more exciting, but the flavour was really surprising. I suddenly had a lemony-raspberry cocktail!

So if you happen to pop by the Finca over the summer and request water… be prepared for the jazzed up version. You’ll love it – I promise!

Have a great day! x



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