Brinkley's Bespoke Collar – Treat Your Dog To Something Unique!

Brinkley was a very spoilt chap this weekend as he received his very own parcel from Emma of Sweetpea & Boo.  If you follow TDF on Instagram, you may have seen him having a go at opening the package all by himself – he was so excited and somehow, just knew it was for him. If you aren’t yet a follower on Instagram, but would like to be, simply click the little camera icon to the right of this post…

I think that his desperation to open the parcel may have had something to do with the gift wrap being garnished with a tasty dog treat!  Just take a look …

wrapped package from sweetpea and boo

Although we knew that what was inside the package was going to be amazing, we first had to handle the sheer joy of the edible wrapping.  Here’s how it went…

Brinks and biscuit Biscuit eating done, we got down to business and started to open the tissue paper.

I gasped.

Brinks barked.

… and the cat came in wanting food.    Hmmm.

Inside the tissue, was the most beautiful, perfect, handmade collar in grey star fabric.  Made just for Brinkley by Emma’s fair hands.  I had to spend a moment marvelling at the quality of the fastenings and the stitching.

How does she do it? Was my first thought. Although I considered making him a collar myself, it is now very clear that this is best left to the professionals. I could never get my stitching to be that precise!

Brinkley's Grey star collar from Sweetpea and Boo

By this time, Brinkley was getting a little fed up with waiting and demanded to try on his smart, new collar.  This was the first time that we had used a buckle fastening (although Emma will finish collars with a snap clasp if you request it).

Brinks sat calmly while I fastened up the buckle, which was easy peasy.  I think his pose in the next photo quite clearly demonstrates how he feels about his new look:

Brinks modelling collar from Sweetpea and Boo

What a show off!

He was so proud of himself and wanted to parade in front of everyone and soak up the admiring glances.

The amazing news is that, if you fancy treating your best buddy to a new collar or lead, or want to buy one as a gift for a doggy-mad friend, Emma is running a promotion only for readers of The Dorset Finca.  If you keep an eye out on the DF Facebook page here, I will be posting details during the week, of a very special promotion code to be used at Sweetpea & Boo.

Thank you Emma, again, for such a stunning gift.  We will definitely be visiting your online shop to look for matching bow ties and leads.

Now, which one will you choose? Have a great day x


3 thoughts on “Brinkley's Bespoke Collar – Treat Your Dog To Something Unique!

  1. Aw he looks so handsome and what a good boy for not having chewed up his beautifil crochet cushion…unfortunately my Luna thinks anything made from wool is created especially for her to destroy 😦

    1. 🙂 He may not have chewed it up – but he did do an enormous pee on it this morning. I think Luna is probably more well-behaved!!


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