Hedgerow Harvest | June

June is fantastic month for wild flowers.  As you walk, cycle or drive along, you can’t miss the colour popping out of the hedgerows.  Many of these little beauties make perfect, impromptu, relaxed arrangements back at home if you collect a little bunch, secure with garden twine and place in a little jug or vase. Nothing too serious.

So what is out there growing away happily at the moment? Which flowers can you cut and bring home? I thought I’d put together a little picture guide…

hedgerow harvest

The first thing I noticed when I was foraging, apart from all of the green, is the amount of flowers that are pink and purple. Maybe, as June has the perfect climate for bees and butterflies, the plants maximise on this pollinating opportunity and have adapted flower colours that drive these insects wild?!


Let’s start with the old favourites: Geraniums.  These tend to grow in bushy clumps and have lots of flowers. They are great in borders at home as they seem to keep coming back no matter how many times they accidentally get mowed over (thank you Mr D-F for that). Geraniums don’t last too long once cut, but would be fine as a relaxed, dinner centrepiece if they had been picked the same day.

grasses and chervils

Grasses, hemlocks and chervils are so often looked at as weeds. However, just because they tend to grow in places that you would rather they didn’t, it is hard to deny how brilliant they look in the hedges.

Up close, you can really see their amazing architecture.  I was in awe of this fluffy grass head… I originally thought that the hairs were green, but once I had brought it inside, I realised that they were in fact pink and purple!

Again, these won’t last you more than a day or two in water, but provide lovely movement and interest on the table.


Aquilegia is one of my all time favourites. I mean, look at those flowers – they look like they have been designed by a creative genius! These bad boys last a bit longer in water as their stems have better structure. They give any arrangement a more opulent feel. Mass loads together in a jug to really push the boat out!

campion and ragged robinLook at these two cuties! I love the way that Ragged Robin looks so bedraggled, like it couldn’t quite be bothered to brush its hair! I think I would be inclined to place one or two of these flower heads on a napkin that had been tied with ribbon or twine. You would need a lot of these in a vase to make an impact and they wouldn’t be too happy for very long. Best to celebrate the beauty of their individual flower heads.

So what is growing near you at the moment? Have I missed out one of your favourites?

Have a great and flower-filled day x


4 thoughts on “Hedgerow Harvest | June

    1. I’m trying to challenge myself to identify some of the more obscure varieties using my trusty wildflower key!


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